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AGH Banking Insights

Banking Insights

March 2015: Help Your Employees Improve Your Organization's Performance

Employee Soft Skills Improve Productivity and Profitability
Oftentimes, when employees are fired, it isn’t because they lack technical skills; they get fired because they are difficult to work with. How can companies reduce their turnover and increase productivity by decreasing these kinds of failures? The key is hiring employees with well-developed soft skills, or developing the soft skills of current employees. What are employee soft skills? These are the characteristics that complement technical aptitudes to make individuals and teams their most productive and effective. Click here to read more.
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3 Ways Employees Can Help Avoid Cyber-Attacks
While your first instinct to protect against cyber-threats may be to implement more robust IT systems, there are actually some much less costly measures banks can take to help protect themselves first. Your first line of defense is training employees to recognize potential dangers and take the right precautions to keep your systems and information secure. What can employees do to help? It starts with these 3 things... Click here to read more.
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AGH University Offers Free Professional Education and Resources
What if you could learn ways to make your business and your clients more successful without having to leave the office, or even from the comfort of your own home? AGH University offers free webinars on topics useful to professionals including business owners, management, human resources and accountants. The webinars are led by AGH leaders with years of specialized expertise and experience. Click here to read more.
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Meet the Team

Mark Schmelzle
Mark Schmelzle
Senior Vice President,
Assurance Services
Sean Weaver Photo
Sean Weaver
Executive Vice President,
Assurance Services
Todd Richardson Photo
Todd Richardson
Vice President,
M&A and Corporate Finance Services
Steve Houlik Photo
Steve Houlik
Executive Vice President,
Tax Services
Marjorie Engle Photo
Marjorie Engle
Senior Vice President,
Organizational Development & Family Business Services
Rick Golubski Photo
Rick Golubski
Senior Manager
Tax Services
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