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AGH Banking Insights

Banking Insights

Summer 2015: Banking M&A Still Sizzling in 2015

M&A and Banks: What's New?
The number of whole, non-Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC)-assisted bank transactions has increased every year during the past four years, more than doubling from 93 in 2011 to 226 in 2014. With 73 transactions through April of this year, 2015 is on pace to be slightly below the level reached in 2014. What are the trends observed so far in 2015? Click here to read more.
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How to Increase Your Bank's Value and Attract Potential Buyers
By anticipating buyers’ concerns, banks can make themselves more attractive to potential buyers by taking actions to reduce their risk and look promising in terms of sustainable performance and growth potential. Business valuation specialists refer to these actions as “value drivers” and use them as part of the process for determining how much a bank is worth. Click here to read more.
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Purchase Price Allocation: Key Drivers of Bank Value [Infographic]
Do you know what the key value drivers are for a core deposit intangible (CDI) asset study? Depending on the time of the transaction, you could end up with a higher or lower valuation for your CDI and/or loan portfolio. Do you know that all of your assumptions have to be funneled through a market participant perspective? Check out our overview of key drivers of bank value in this infographic. Click here to read more.
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