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Fall 2015: Changes Ahead: ACA Compliance & Overtime Pay

Are You Ready For ACA Reporting In 2016? Here's What You Should Know
Mandatory employer reporting for the Affordable Care Act will begin in January 2016. This means that your organization may need to be ready to send information to the IRS in order to avoid potential penalties. Click here to read more.
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How The New Overtime Pay Rule Could Affect You
On June 30, the US Department of Labor (DOL) announced plans for a new rule that would change which employees receive overtime pay. What will these changes include, and how will it change the way you pay employees at your organization? Click here to read this article.
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Using Appreciation To Retain Your Employees
In the current recruiting environment where the gap has widened between talent demand and supply of skilled workers, keeping good employees is critical. What you might be surprised to find out, however, is that compensation isn’t always the most important factor related to employee retention. Click here to read this article.
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Eric Thummel
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Aron Dunn, CCIFP
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