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Winter 2015: GASB Updates, Employee Soft Skills, and Avoiding Cyberattacks

Recap of the GASB Updates (GASB 72 - 77)
Get up-to-speed on the latest GASB statement updates. Click here to read the GASB updates.
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Employee Soft Skills Improve Productivity and Profitability
According to Mark Murphy, author of Hiring for Attitude and CEO and founder of Leadership IQ, a provider of cutting-edge research and leadership training, when new hires fail, 89% of the time it’s because of attitude. How can organizations reduce their turnover and increase productivity by decreasing these kinds of failures? The key is hiring employees with well-developed soft skills, or developing the soft skills of current employees.Click here to read more.
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3 Ways Employees Can Help You Avoid Cyber-Attacks
What would happen if your technology systems were hacked tomorrow, resulting in the loss of thousands -- if not millions -- of dollars as well as sensitive organizational or employee information? While your first instinct to protect against cyber-threats may be to implement more robust IT systems, there are actually some much less costly measures organizations can take to help protect themselves first. Your first line of defense is training employees to recognize potential dangers and take the right precautions to keep your systems and information secure. Click here to read more.
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