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Winter 2015:
Year-End Tax Considerations

Year-end calendar

With Year-End Tax Strategy, Timing is Everything

As a business owner, the end of the year means much more than the hustle, bustle and excitement of the holidays – you are also wrapping up the year from a business perspective, which includes preparing for the upcoming tax season. If you are thinking now is the right time to ensure that your tax strategy is in good shape, you’re right. Even though tax planning is a year-round activity that should be continuously evaluated and optimized, there are some specific things to pay attention to at year-end to make sure you maximize your tax savings.
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Year-End 2015 Tax Legislation Update

As of December 1, Congress still has not made a decision on whether key tax deductions will be extended, and as a result, we don’t know whether to expect delays in the upcoming tax season. The only likelihood is that if the tax breaks are extended, the start of tax filing will be delayed as the IRS reacts to the changes.
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Year-End Tax Planning Tips [Infographic]

As the holidays draw closer, so does the year’s end – a signal to think about what actions you may be able to take between now and Dec. 31 to manage or reduce your tax liability. Whether for your business or individual tax planning, looking ahead before year-end can pay major benefits in tax savings with the right strategies. This infographic captures some of the key areas to review.
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