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AGH Manufacturing Insights

Manufacturing Insights

Spring 2016: Industry Survey Results & Labor Recruitment Tips

2016 Manufacturing Outlook
What is the perspective for the manufacturing industry in 2016? Our manufacturing team will shed light on the results of our 2016 manufacturing survey, and Carrie Wiegand will give suggestions specific to skilled labor recruitment and retention. Click here to watch the video.
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3 Things You Can Do to Improve Skilled Labor Recruitment and Retention
Skilled labor retention and recruitment are top concerns among construction and manufacturing companies right now. With the number of baby boomers retiring and fewer young people actively pursuing careers in skilled labor, there just aren’t enough qualified candidates to go around. Because of this, employers must continue to put solid efforts into looking for ways to recruit and retain their current workforce as well as plan for future employment needs. We believe the following areas will be of key importance...
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Meet the Team

Patrick Lowrance Photo
Patrick Lowrance
Senior Manager,
Assurance Services
Sean Weaver Photo
Sean Weaver
Executive Vice President,
Assurance Services
Marjorie Engle Photo
Marjorie Engle
Senior Vice President,
Organizational Development & Family Business Services
Shawn Sullivan Photo
Shawn Sullivan
Senior Vice President,
Tax Services
Jerry Capps Photo
Jerry Capps
Senior Vice President,
State & Local Tax Services
Bruce Stubbs Photo
Bruce Stubbs
Vice President,
AGH Specialized Tax Solutions
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