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Purchase Price Allocation: Key Drivers of Bank Value

Do you know what the key value drivers are for a core deposit intangible (CDI) asset study?

Did you know that, depending on the time of the transaction, you could end up with a higher or lower valuation for your CDI and/or loan portfolio?

Do you know that all of your assumptions have to be funneled through a market participant perspective?

A Quick Overview

If you are considering the acquisition of another financial institution, we will help you navigate the due diligence and financial reporting process before you announce your next deal. The corporate finance team at AGH can provide you with a streamlined, cost-effective strategy to satisfy the regulatory and financial reporting requirements. We can also integrate the details for day 2 accounting into our comprehensive valuation analysis.

If you have additional questions, contact Holly using the information below. To read the full article, click here.

Purchase price allocation infographic

Holly Rook

Business Valuation Services
Holly has performed purchase price allocations for publicly traded and privately held financial institutions throughout the nation and reviewed the work product of the Big Four accounting firms and countless other advisory firms. Holly also maintains her Accredited Senior Appraiser certificate through the American Society of Appraisers.
Holly Rook
Holly Rook
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