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Finance 101 for Business Owners

Many business owners excel in the day-to-day operations of working with customers and delivering services or products. But without some basic financial and accounting background, they may not grasp the insight their financial statements can provide. This infographic outlines briefly what key information financial statements offer to help business owners make informed decisions.

Finance 101 infographic


For more information about using financial statements to assist in managing your business, contact Jandrea Blumanhourst using the information below.

Jandrea Blumanhourst

Senior Manager,
Controller Services
Jandrea serves as a financial and accounting consultant for AGH's outsourcing services group. She helps clients with a broad range of accounting and consulting services including monthly financial close-out, assistance during peak workloads or special projects, training new accounting personnel, internal control reviews and assistance with departmentalizing financials and cost allocations.
Jandrea Blumanhourst photo
Jandrea Blumanhourst
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