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Keeping a business in good financial shape from day to day is challenging enough. But when your strategic goals expand to include more complex transactions, such as business brokering, management buyout, family business transfers, or seeking new or additional financing through the capital markets, it’s often time to turn to a corporate finance specialist.

The broad array of expertise required for major transitions in your business can be daunting unless you have a team that includes specialists in those areas.

The depth of professionals on the AGH Advisors team means we can provide counsel and assistance for you in almost any area of corporate finance. Our team members’ credentials include accredited in business valuation, certified valuation analyst, certified business appraiser, and holder of the Certification of Education Achievement in Business Valuation (issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). In addition, the team has access to attorneys, engineers, and other specialized professionals on staff who can be a resource.

What We Offer:

Group Leader

Gary Gibbs, CBA, ABV

Executive Vice President
Corporate Finance

Gary Gibbs has spent his career consulting on financial reporting and changes of ownership for companies throughout the U.S. in diverse industries. He is the firm’s most experienced officer in corporate financial services, including mergers and acquisitions. He works with clients and their legal counsel on economic and financial disclosures, and representations related to business ownership changes. Gibbs has been involved in financial consultation related to business mergers and sales of more than 100 companies involving more than $1 billion. In his capacity leading the corporate finance team, Gibbs oversees a variety of services to companies involved in ownership transition, including development of transition plans, generational transfers, buy side advice, sell side advice, development of acquisition strategies and plans for growth thru acquisitions.

Along with other departments at AGH, the corporate finance team provides buyers and sellers of business interests with a comprehensive portfolio of services to plan, execute and complete such transactions with increased success. Gibbs is a member of the Association of Merger and Acquisition Advisors. In addition to being a CPA and Accredited in Business Valuation (ABV), he has earned the Certified Business Appraiser (CBA) designation from the Institute of Business Appraisers and has earned the Certificate of Education Achievement in Business Valuation from the AICPA.