Tax Planning & Consulting


  • Capture tax benefits for your organization or to build and preserve personal resources
  • Decrease potential risk of penalties or errors in interpretation of tax code through review and recommendations of experienced and knowledgeable tax specialists
  • Preparation and recommendations for not only current but future tax environment

Who’s most likely to benefit:

  • Organizations or high-net-worth individuals with more complex tax situations, such as:
    • Merger, acquisition or other business transition
    • Change in ownership structure of business
    • Significant change in financial situation
    • Several related entities whose financials are linked
    • Disruption such as litigation or divorce
    • Major expansion or downsizing of assets
    • Change in business location(s)
  • Organizations or individuals desiring to ensure they are receiving potential tax benefits to which they are entitled


This service varies by individual and organizational need, but typically involves research and fact-finding (through interviews and review of financial and operational documents), analysis of current and prospective tax benefits, recommendation of tax strategies, and, if desired, implementation of the tax strategies through tools such as cost segregation, accounting method changes, or handling tax compliance (preparing and filing returns).

Useful Resources for You

tax strategies picture

Hidden Business Tax Strategies

Learn new ways to save on business taxes

Could significant tax savings be in your business’s future? See if any of these highly beneficial tax strategies apply to you.
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Year-End Tax Tips You Can Use

3 tips for year-end tax planning

Whether for your business or individual tax planning, looking ahead before year-end can pay major benefits in tax savings with the right strategies. This infographic captures some of the key areas to review.
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New Tax Opportunities

2016 good time to renovate/remodel

Last December’s “tax-extender” bill created new tax-minimization opportunities for businesses which have renovations or remodeling planned for 2016.
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