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What happens when you combine timeless principles with simple, practical, real-world tools? Stronger teams. More effective meetings. Increased efficiency.

Level up your organization.

Transform your organization.

What is ETS?

Built into the DNA of healthy organizations are three areas of strength: strategy, execution, and people/culture. AGH’s Entrepreneurial Transformation System (ETS) is a simple process that creates the framework and cadence for your organization to address all three areas in the right sequence.

Curates great concepts

Our ETS serivce pulls together proven tools and processes from a variety of the world’s leading minds. We have done the legwork of finding what works and packaging it for your organization to hit the ground running.

Produces results

Setting a clear vision, creating a plan of execution, and clarifying roles and responsibilities helps drive the performance and accountability required for significant growth.


Why choose ETS?

ETS is based on world-class best practices, but adapted for simple, real-world application.
Our ETS framework is made up of tools and concepts that help to develop all aspects of a healthy organization and have been proven with our clients over the years. Like them, you can expect to see significant improvement in productivity, employee morale, and the bottom line.

The three big ideas

What does transformation look like?

A clear, shared vision.
Relentless execution.
A high performing team.

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