Whether you’re in school and looking for an internship to gain some experience, getting ready to graduate and searching for a place to start your professional career or just looking into making a career change – you should be looking in Wichita. If Wichita wasn’t originally on your radar, here’s what you need to know:

Wichita is cool now

Well, it’s always been cool, but people are just now starting to realize it. Even national travel site, Thrillist Travel, called Wichita one of the coolest cities in America, referencing our local art and music scene, evolving downtown district and the growing list of great places to eat or grab a drink.

Our stubbornly independent Tallgrass Film Festival, named one of the top 25 coolest film festivals in the world, provides locals the opportunity to see numerous films before they hit the main circuit. We also have the 7th largest zoo in the U.S. – home to 3,000 animals of nearly 400 species.

There’s tons of fun to be had in our city and the best part is that Wichita ranks among the top 10 cities for best work-life balance. This means there’s plenty of time to explore Wichita and its offerings.

Locals are proud to be here

It’s difficult to enjoy living in a city you aren’t proud of. Fortunately, locals are showing their ICT pride now more than ever. Attendance at local events is strong. Last year’s Riverfest attracted over 400,000 visitors alone, while nearly 600,000 others attended various conventions and events throughout the year.

Our city flag has become a symbol of pride for the community in a way few others have. It’s displayed on everything from t-shirts and wall murals to mugs and home décor. It even has its own Instagram account with 6,000+ followers.

It's affordable

It’s rare to find a city that’s fun to live in without breaking the bank, but Wichita hits the mark. You can complement our competitive salaries with the fact that we’re the most affordable city in the nation for renters, as well as a top-10 city for first-time homebuyers. We’ve also been called:

  • #6 Best-Bang-For-The-Buck City by Forbes
  • #4 Best Cheap City for Raising a Family by Cheapism
  • #4 Best Value City by Trivago
  • One of the best cities for saving money by Go Banking Rates

Let's sum up

Wichita offers an unmatched level of opportunity to those seeking professional and personal success. For the above-mentioned reasons plus so many more, Wichita can be top on your list. We think you’ll be impressed by what you find.

Here are a few other resources for learning more about the exciting things going on in Wichita: