AGH has been doing business in Wichita, Kansas, for more than 75 years. For a period, it was part of the national firm KMG. In 1987, the firm became an independent practice and took the name Allen, Gibbs & Houlik, L.C.

Today, AGH is one of the largest independent CPA and advisory firms in the central U.S. Our practice delivers a broad portfolio of services to closely held and family-owned entrepreneurial enterprises and the public sector (governmental and not-for-profit entities).

The basics of AGH

Our employees are our greatest assets. We are seeking a staff of professionals who are technically skilled, analytical, team-oriented, and dedicated to helping clients build and preserve wealth.

Our leadership

Committed to helping our clients build and preserve wealth, AGH’s leadership team is experienced and stable; many of our senior leaders have been with the firm for 20 or more years. Under this team, the firm has increased its client service activities fivefold since we became an independently owned company in 1987.

What we stand for

Our mission is to improve our clients' profitability and to preserve and increase their wealth by acting as trusted advisors. We believe the principles below allow us to fulfill that mission.

1. Our first responsibility is to work for our clients' success.

We accomplish this by focusing on our clients' goals and needs, knowing that if we serve our clients well, our own success is assured. We are committed to providing high quality services as measured by our clients' expectations.

2. We work hard to earn our clients' trust.

Our goal is to serve our clients as their trusted advisor by caring for them both as organizations and as people. As trusted advisors, we are in possession of our clients' confidential information. To breach a confidence or to use confidential information improperly or carelessly is never acceptable. It is always a requirement that we act in our clients' best interest.

3. The bedrock of our reputation is our honesty and integrity.

Without a foundation of honesty and integrity in all we do, our endeavors will fail. Long-term success can only be attained by adherence to professional and ethical standards. Truthfulness with our clients, honesty with each other, and good faith in all of our actions characterize the firm's conduct.

4. Proper respect for our clients and other members of our firm is always required.

Challenging work performed by dedicated professionals will sometimes result in different points of view. Disagreements are never an excuse for failing to show proper respect to those with whom we disagree. We are always expected to resolve conflicts professionally. A willingness to listen to the perspectives of others, the recognition of the legitimacy of other viewpoints, and the exercise of professional objectivity are central to the demonstration of proper respect.

5. Our people are our principal asset.

Our firm can't be better than the people who comprise it. To be the best at what we do, we must attract, develop and retain the best people. We require our people to constantly improve their skills as highly qualified business advisors through a personal commitment to lifelong learning. Advancement within the firm is based on performance that contributes to the success of the firm.

6. Teamwork is a requirement in everything that we do.

While we respect the individual and are committed to helping all members of our firm reach their potential, we have found that teamwork optimizes the success of our clients and our firm. We have no tolerance for those who put their personal interests ahead of the interests of the firm and its clients.

7. We place high expectations and high value on leadership.

Leadership at all levels in our organization is expected to foster teamwork, set high professional standards, and create energy focused on our shared vision. Encouraging our people to reach their full professional potential is every leader's responsibility. Leaders in our firm exhibit their entrepreneurship by creating new value for the firm and its clients and creating the excitement necessary for action.

8. We are dedicated to working hard and smart.

The dedication of our people to the firm, the intense effort they give on behalf of our clients, and their professional skills are greater than one finds in most organizations. Our people take great pride in their work and always strive to find the best solutions to clients' problems. Strong initiative and high personal standards are requirements for success in our firm.

9. We are committed to investing in the future.

We are committed to investing profits of the firm into new and improved services, development of people, and purchase of advanced technologies that will meet the evolving needs of our clients and achieve superior long-term financial results for the firm.

10. We enjoy working with people.

A rewarding and significant part of our careers comes from the personal relationships we build. We appreciate the respect and friendship we receive from our co-workers, clients and the community, and we strive to conduct ourselves in a manner that will bring credit to our profession and the firm at all times. As we benefit from our community, our profession, and the efforts of others to teach and encourage us in our careers, we believe we are similarly obligated to contribute to our community, our profession and the development of those with whom we work.