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AGH's accounting specialists can handle almost any type of financial tracking, reporting, payments, recordkeeping, billing, banking, reconciliation and administration a business or individual may need. Our payroll team can provide organizations of any size cost-effective and customer-oriented payroll solutions. Outsourcing these tasks will free up internal resources for the more pressing needs of your organization.

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Our process & people

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A tailored solution for you

With a wide range of experience, expertise and solutions at their disposal, our outsourcing team will ensure your solution best serves your unique situation.

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Broad range of experience

Our professionals have experience working with a wide range of businesses and organizations — including governmental and not-for-profit entities — that vary in size and complexity. We can also administer the financial aspects of family business offices for individuals with more complex personal finances and investments.

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Specialized expertise

Our outsourcing and payroll teams have expertise in DOL, ERISA and other regulatory areas to ensure your outsourced activities are in compliance with ever-changing regulations. Our more highly-trained specialists have experience in top financial/accounting positions and can serve as a trusted advisor when complex financial situations arise.

Services overview

Learn more about our outsourcing services below:

From helping determine which employees are eligible and what requirements apply to the company to distributing notifications to employees and tracking and reporting employee information, AGH’s professionals can handle the technical details so organizational leaders can stay focused on taking care of business. Learn more about our ACA compliance service.
This service can free up internal finance and accounting staff to focus on higher-level financial strategy and tactics, while still covering the day-to-day operations of the business with qualified professionals like accounts payable, bank reconciliations, general ledger maintenance and financial reporting. Learn more about our accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing service.
Organizations requiring a higher level of accounting leadership have access to AGH's professionals through an outsourced controller or CFO arrangement. The AGH professionals available in this capacity are more highly trained, have experience in top financial/accounting positions, and can serve as a trusted advisor in situations requiring additional experience, analysis and leadership. See how our controller & CFO services can help your organization.
AGH's public sector team can handle almost any type of accounting or financial administrative task a public sector organization may need. Our professionals can provide governments and related entities of any size with cost-effective and customer-oriented solutions. By outsourcing these tasks, you can free up resources for the more pressing needs facing your organization and constituents. See how our government consulting & outsourcing service can help your organization.
One of the quickest ways to upset employees is a problem with their paycheck. Yet, only employers know how complicated the calculation of even one pay period can be. No longer simple clerical work, payroll administration requires an awareness of ERISA and labor regulations, comparison with any deductions and reimbursements made, coordination with financial institutions, and integration with a variety of timekeeping systems. AGH's payroll specialists provide small to very large organizations with a dedicated team focused solely on delivering cost-effective and customer-oriented payroll solutions. See how our outsourced payroll service can help your organization.
AGH's payroll specialists can work with employers to identify, evaluate and implement an appropriate timekeeping system. Our consultants can help an employer choose from a variety of options, including web-based, phone, card-swipe and punch-clock methods at single or multiple locations. The data generated from these systems integrates with most payroll systems and can generally be implemented in a short timeframe. See what benefits our outsourced timekeeping service can provide for your organization.

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Cindy McSwain outsourcing services

Cindy McSwain

Senior Vice President
Outsourcing Services

Jandrea Blumanourst outsourcing services

Jandrea Blumanhourst

Senior Manager
Outsourcing Services

Mike Ludlow payroll outsourcing

Mike Ludlow

Payroll Operations Manager
Outsourcing Services