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Accounting & Finance

Preparing for audit

Preparing for an audit

Open communication and advanced preparation are key

While preparing for an audit can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task, these management tips can help you plan ahead and execute successfully.

Prepare now to implement FASB revenue recognition standard

Revenue recognition

Prepare now to implement new FASB standard

How to identify new contract liabilities and how the standard will affect the processes and controls of revenue recognition.

Keys to becoming a more effective auditor

Keys to being an effective internal auditor

What sets an auditor apart?

Being an effective internal auditor in today’s fast-paced, technology savvy environment can be challenging and overwhelming.

DIY v. AGH business valuation

DIY v. AGH Business Valuations

What are the differences?

Understand the risks and benefits of DIY business valuation compared to business valuation from a highly trained and accredited professional.

Lease accounting

New Lease Accounting Standard

Ready for FASB’s changes?

A high-level overview of major changes coming to FASB’s lease accounting standard.

Understanding balance sheets

Making Sense of Your Balance Sheet

What is your balance sheet actually saying?

Here’s a practical reference tool featuring key terms and performance indicators for your balance sheet.

Qualified business income deduction flowchart

Finance 101

Finance basics for business owners

Many business owners excel in the day-to-day operations of working with customers and delivering services or products. But they may not grasp the insight their financial statements can provide.

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Business Transition

Business Transition
Factors affecting business price

Business Sale Price Factors

5 overlooked selling price influencers

Learn about 5 critical areas of a business often overlooked when selling a business.

Business Transition
Business successors

Selling Your Business?

Set Goals and Maximize Profits

For a successful transition of your business’ ownership, remember these tips.

Business Transition
Questions to ask when selling your business

30 Questions You Need To Answer

Before you begin the process of selling your business

If you’re considering selling the business, get a head-start with these questions you’ll want to have or find answers for if you decide to sell.

Business Transition
Build your talent bench

Build Your Talent Bench

Find your next crop of leaders

This worksheet can help guide you through the process of selecting potential candidates based on the needs of each role and determining what will be necessary to ready them for the transition.

Business Transition
What drives a business' value?

Business Value Drivers

What determines a business' worth?

Value drivers for closely held companies either reduce risk or increase growth/return. Learn more about the four critical value drivers that can influence your business' worth.

Business Transition
Valuing your business

Valuing Your Business

Do you know how to calculate its worth?

Business valuations can help determine the fair market value of a business and are essential when contemplating a change in ownership.

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Construction Industry

Construction accounting methods

Accounting methods for contractors expanded

Greater tax-planning flexibility available following federal tax reform

Newly eligible construction businesses should determine whether these would be advantageous and, if so, consider switching methods.

Building construction talent pipeline

Finding Skilled Labor in Construction

Where building a talent pipeline fits into your growth strategy

The need to build a strong talent pipeline grows as construction companies continue to see a lack of skilled labor to fill jobs in their organizations.

TCJA effect on construction industry

Construction and the TCJA

What you need to know about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

The construction industry can make good economic times even better by taking advantage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Communication in construction

Communication in Construction

Clear employee communication is more than just talk.

As construction companies struggle to find and retain qualified workers, they are often overlooking an essential tool for employers: communication.

KS tax effects on construction

Kansas Tax Changes Affect Construction

Kansas companies can expect a significant tax bill.

With the non-wage business income exemption repealed, it’s time for construction companies to reexamine their tax strategy.

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Family Business

Family Business
Family business next generation

Next Generation of Family Business

How can you prepare the next generation?

There’s a lot that goes into developing your family business’ next generation of leadership. Don’t wait to start.

Family Business
Business successors

Passing the Baton

How to Choose Your Organization's Successors

Your organization’s key positions need successors in place. Here are some factors to keep in mind when finding and preparing them.

Family Business
Family business stumbling blocks

Obstacles for Family Businesses

4 stumbling blocks and how to grow past them

As family businesses grow, they’ll need to overcome new hurdles surrounding management and succession planning.

Family Business
Family business

Family and Business

Dealing with family business conflict

Strike while the iron is cool. The right preparation can prevent destructive outcomes and create positive resolutions, strengthening both the family and the organization.

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Financial Industry

Banking talent pipeline

Strategies to address your talent pipeline

Where building a talent pipeline fits into your growth strategy

While banks are seeing tremendous growth, they also continue to see a lack of talent to fill the jobs that will be created as a result of this potential growth.

Banking accounting methods

Accounting methods for financial institutions expanded

Greater tax-planning flexibility available following federal tax reform

Newly eligible businesses should determine whether this method change would be advantageous and, if so, consider switching methods.

TCJA effect on banking industry

Banking and the TCJA

What financial institutions need to know about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act contains a number of provisions all businesses should be aware of. Here are some significant sections that affect the banking industry.

CECL effect on purchase accounting methods

CECL's Effect on Purchase Accounting Methods

CECL represents the biggest change to bank accounting ever

Expect CECL's effect to be felt when the standard becomes effective in 2020 for publicly traded banks and 2021 for all other banks.

CECL preparation for banks

Banks Need to Prep for CECL

Changes go into effect in 2020

Financial institutions must prepare now for big changes in how they calculate loan and lease losses. CECL becomes effective in 2020 for SEC filers and 2021 for all others.

information security keyboard

Banks & Cybersecurity

What you need to know about cybersecurity

What do banks need to know about managing cybersecurity risk to help protect themselves against cyber attacks? Brian Johnson puts the threats into context for banking leaders.

FFIEC Assessment basics

FFIEC Assessment Basics

What it is and how it helps your bank

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) created a risk assessment tool to help financial institutions manage their cybersecurity risks.

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Government & Public Sector

Single Audit Update

Single audit update on micro-purchases threshold

Recently updated policy from OMB

The micro-purchases threshold has been raised. What does this mean for you?

Government audit success

Governments: Preparing for a Successful Audit

Open communication and advanced preparation are key.

While preparing for an audit can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task, these management tips can help you plan ahead and execute successfully.

GASB 45 v. 75

GASB Statement 45 vs 75

What’s changed from GASB statement 45 to 75?

This infographic covers four of the major changes the Governmental Accounting Standards Board has made from statement 45 to 75.

Government financial plan

Long Term Planning for Governments

Learn the 4 phases of long-term financial planning

Who should be involved in long-term financial planning in what roles during mobilization, analysis, decisions and implementation?

Government financial management

Financial Planning for Governments

What it is and why you need to start

Long-term financial planning is a step-by-step process to help government leaders (both elected and staff) look ahead.

Managing government debt

Managing Government Debt

A checklist of factors to ensure a good decision

Before issuing debt for major capital projects, it’s often helpful to rely on a checklist of factors to consider for the best results in a bond issuance.

Fiscal policies

Government Fiscal Policies

Why governments need them and how to get started

Having well-thought-out fiscal policies in place can help governmental entities mitigate risk, increase fiscal soundness, and serve as good stewards of taxpayer funds.

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Human Resources & Payroll

Human Resources
2019 COLA limit

IRS announces updates

See the new limits

The IRS recently announced the new 2019 amounts for 401(k) deferral limits, IRA contribution limits, Social Security wage base and more.

Paycheck checkup is recommended by the IRS for all taxpayers

Paycheck checkup

Recommended by the IRS for all taxpayers

After paycheck checkup, the payroll withholding employees have in place may no longer fit their revised tax situation.

Human Resources
Five things to avoid in your 401k plan

Five things to avoid in your 401(k) plan

Choosing, participating in and offering 401(k) plans

There are several aspects of a 401(k) plan that employers should consider when choosing what is best for their employees and business.

Human Resources
IRS 2018 tax limits

New 2018 Fringe Benefit Limits

Information direct from the IRS

IRS recently came out with limits on Social Security wage base, funding retirement plans, health savings account contributions, and more.

Year-end employee benefit plan

2017 Year-End Employee Benefit Plans

What Plan Administrators Need to Know

There are rising risks and complexities for plan administration as the year ends. Here are some key areas plan administrators need to focus on.

Overtime eligibility

Judge blocks overtime rule

No overtime eligibility for 4 million.

The earlier stay on additional overtime eligibility has become a permanent block. Also, pay reporting on EEO-1 is suspended.

New I-9 form

New Form I-9; use by Sept. 18

Few changes, but use is mandatory.

USCIS issued a slightly revised Form I-9 which employers must implement by Sept. 18 or face potential penalties.

Human Resources
HR adding value

The Value of Human Resources

How is HR adding value to your organization?

HR pros affect the bottom line through your key assets – your talent.

Phishing email

Watch out for these email scams

New fraud schemes target businesses with phishing

Awareness of email scams and social engineering is your best bet to protect your company from new fraud schemes.

Human Resources
Employee background checks

Employee Background Checks

5 tips about employee background checks

Like most aspects of business, the handling of background checks is subject to government rules.

Human Resources
HR phishing

Employee Information Hacking

7 tips to help prevent employee information theft

Keeping your employees' information safe starts with accepting that your company's IT security is only as strong as its weakest employee's understanding of information security.

Human Resources
Drug testing

7 Guidelines for Drug Testing

Don't violate your employees' rights

The following steps should help you ensure a safe, healthy and productive work environment.

EB plan audits increasing

DOL Audits to Increase?

Targeting employee benefit plans

The Department of Labor appears to be sending plan sponsors two parallel messages based on its hiring trends and a 2015 DOL study of employee benefit plan audit quality.

Human Resources
Fixing the skilled labor gap

Skilled Labor Gap & How To Fix It

Improve recruitment and retention

Employers must continue to put solid efforts into looking for ways to recruit and retain their current workforce as well as plan for future employment needs.

SPDs to all employees

SPDs to All Employees

Only posting online deemed unacceptable

A recent court case demonstrates that using intranets/internal websites or common-area postings (such as a break room posting) isn't enough to ensure all employees receive SPD.

Timely deposits scrutinized by DOL

Timely Deposits Scrutinized

More aggressive DOL enforcement

DOL is cracking down on employers who are late depositing employee earmarked funds withheld from their paychecks into their retirement plan.

Payroll compliance

Payroll Compliance

6 tips for managing your payroll taxes

All too often, businesses get in trouble with the IRS because they do not understand the intricacy of payroll tax laws.

Human Resources
Costly retirement plan mistakes

Retirement Plan "Sins"

Don't pay the price for these mistakes

Even the smallest mistakes must be corrected or a plan is subject to IRS disqualification, leaving plan sponsors and employees potentially subject to increased taxes on funds in the plan.

Human Resources
Absence policy

What's Your Absence Policy?

Learn why you need an absence policy

Employees need time to recharge their batteries and recuperate from sickness or stress. To that end, many employers give their employees paid leave as part of their benefits package.

Human Resources
Retirement plan risks

Retirement Plan Risks

What plan sponsors need to know

5 questions plan sponsors should ask about their retirement plan.

Human Resources
Why you need an employee handbook

Why You Need An Employee Handbook

7 ways a handbook helps your employees

An employee handbook serves as the bible of a company, providing the answers to some of the most basic employment questions.

Human Resources
Managing personnel files

Managing Personnel Files

Their importance and why they need to be updated

Every employee's personnel file should contain his or her complete employment history. This should include the job application, resume and employment agreements and exit interview.

Human Resources
HR audits and cost savings

HR Audit: Don't Delay

It could save you a lot of money

HR audits examine employee processes and procedures for compliance with federal employment laws, alignment with the organization’s business strategy, and HR best practices.

Human Resources
What is an HR audit

Do You Need An HR Audit?

4 opportune times to conduct an HR audit

The results of a human resources audit help organizations reduce risk, increase productivity, enhance profits, and become an employer of choice.

Human Resources
What to do before an employee leaves

Before An Employee Leaves

7 steps to take before an employee goes

Whether an employee leaves your company amicably on his or her own terms or after being fired, there are a number of steps businesses should take to ensure their security.

Top payroll tax mistakes

Top Payroll Tax Mistakes

Make sure you avoid these 7 slip-ups

Payroll tax payments are federally mandated and you must withhold the tax amount from employees' paychecks. Despite your willingness to adhere to the law, mistakes can still happen.

Human Resources
401k plan statistics and trends

401(k) Plan Statistics Trends

Is your retirement plan design up to date?

Employers can optimize their 401(k) plans so employees contribute to their plans. Several key trends may affect a plan's ability to attract an employee's hard-earned savings.

Human Resources
Terminating an employee

Terminating An Employee

Heed these 6 precautions before firing someone

Terminations have an effect on company morale, but more importantly, if you're not careful you can open yourself up to legal action in the form of a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Understand overtime compliance

Understanding Overtime

Sort through the details and compliance issues here

As is the case with most laws, overtime laws have some exceptions. Not all employees are entitled to overtime. And not all employers are required to pay it.

Avoid payroll tax issues

8 Ways to Avoid Payroll Tax Issues

Payroll tax can be confusing; these tips can help

Since the IRS expects you to manage and pay your employees' payroll taxes, it is your responsibility to make sure these are done.

Human Resources
Compensation reviews

Compensation Reviews

6 key components of a compensation review

If you haven’t done a compensation review in the last couple of years, it’s time. This infographic captures the key points you need to know for conducting a compensation review.

Human Resources
I-9 audits

Avoiding an I-9 Audit

Compliance is tough; here are some helpful tips

I-9 compliance is tough for many businesses and it's easy for companies to be levied large fines if regulations are not followed appropriately.

Human Resources
Improve your HR skills

Improve Your HR Skills

4 ways to boost your HR and recruiting skill set

To help strengthen your HR skills, and in turn your employee recruiting skills, we have listed four tips for anyone responsible hiring and retaining key personnel.

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Leadership & Management

Strategic CFO

Managing Disruption

How CFOs can manage risk in a disruptive world.

As our environment continues to change, the CFO’s role in managing risk has become more than just the numbers.

Personal development

Invest in Yourself

It's the best investment you can make

Personal development is more than formalized education. Learn how you can max out your potential with these tips.

Providing effective feedback

Provide Effective Feedback

Learn how to best utilize this valuable resource.

Increase employees’ professional growth by providing both positive and negative feedback effectively.

Organizational strategy algorithm

How Does Your Strategy Stack Up?

Does your organization have a clear strategy?

Three questions to help gauge your organization’s strategic alignment.

Managing remote workers

How to Manage Remote Employees

Connect with your workers from miles away.

Use these four tips to get the best results when managing remote employees.

Setting your agenda

Prioritize & Learn to Say No

Setting your own agenda at work

How learning to say no can open up time and resources for your top priorities as a leader.

Bridging differences picture

4 Steps to Bridging Differences

Don’t let work differences prevent collaboration.

Use these steps to move past workplace differences and start connecting with co-workers.

Board of directors

Myths About Boards of Directors

7 board myths that you should ignore.

Don’t let these myths keep you from assembling a board of directors.

Mission and vision for recruitment

Purpose as a Recruitment Tool

Another weapon in the talent wars

One of your organization’s most effective recruitment tools comes from what may seem like an unlikely source.

Strategic planning derailments

Why Strategic Plans Can Fail

Has your strategic plan fallen victim to these traps?

Whether it’s thinking too big, too fuzzily, or too rigidly, strategic plans can fail for a variety of reasons – here are 6 to be wary of.

Writing employee warning

Writing Employee Warnings

10 guidelines to get you started

A written warning can be useful in getting an employee to realize the severity of his or her behavior. It also can provide legal protection from a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Strategic planning failures

Strategic Plan Failures

Reasons why the plan isn't working

This article sheds light on why strategic plans fail and what organizations can do to get back on track.

Mission and vision

Understand Your Organization's Why

The key to finding and keeping employees

Organizations must recognize why they exist before they can truly succeed in how they carry out their mission.

Motivate your employees

Motivate Your Employees

The power of positive reinforcement

Unlike traditional employee recognition programs, positive reinforcement helps develop employees who not only do their jobs well but also look for opportunities to consistently go above and beyond.

manager-employee meeting

Struggling With Employees?

Check your performance management system

Too often, performance management can become a paperwork exercise completed more to meet deadlines than to yield results.

Manager-employee meeting

More Effective Employee Meetings

Use this checklist to get more from meetings

What is the right way to conduct effective meetings between managers and direct reports? Use this checklist to get the most from one-on-one meetings.

CFO of the future

The CFO of the Future

What's changed for today's CFO?

The requirements for a top CFO have evolved quickly from a transactional, data-reporting role to one now responsible for strategic management of the organization’s assets.

Improve soft skills

Improving Employee Soft Skills

Are these 6 skills restricting your profitability?

The term “soft skills” has more to do with how employees act than what they know – skills such as collaboration, problem solving, conflict resolution, and communication.

Build a board of directors

Build A Strong Board

Do you have a board of directors?

Developing a board that truly adds value is not an easy task; it takes keen self-examination and planning on the part of senior leadership.

Avoid job burnout

Avoiding Job Burnout

5 ways employees can avoid job burnout

Many people suffer from job burnout, particularly in today's challenging economic conditions. But burnout can often be alleviated.

Tough conversations on the job

Tough Conversations

6 steps to help you tackle them

We assembled the following six steps to help you with a difficult discussion (although we suggest getting an HR professional's advice when dealing with critical HR issues).

Cyberslacking at the office

Cyber Slacking In Your Organization

How much is unwanted internet usage costing you?

It's all too common to stroll by an employee's desk and catch him/her surfing the Web -- obviously, for personal use not business-related research.

Employee engagement

Your Employees Are Disengaged

Some tips on improving engagement

Engaged employees who are committed, putting forth extra effort and who feel connected to the organization don’t get that way because of a “program.” See what you can do to keep them engaged.

Improving working relationships

Improve Relationships

5 tips to reduce the disconnect

No matter what size company you work for, you have probably seen a disconnect between management and team members.

Boost your office performance

Boost Your Performance

Get more done more effectively

The key to improving your performance is not to be overwhelmed by setbacks or problems but to control problems and improve how your work gets done.

Solving business problems

Solving Business Problems

5 steps for fixing the problems plaguing your organization

Everyone experiences problems at work, but how we approach these problems makes all the difference in how well we resolve them in an efficient manner.

Employee motivation

Employee Motivation

Boosting it is tough but worth it

The job of owners, directors or managers is to get things done through their employees. And to make this happen, leaders need to be able to motivate their staff.

Be a better leader

You Can Be A Better Leader

10 tips to help you hone your leadership skills

We have put together a number of tips to help you or someone you know become a better leader in the coming months.

Word-of-mouth advertising

Free Word-of-Mouth Advertising

The most effective marketing channel

Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the cheapest and most effective types of advertising. In order to make this happen, you need to get out of your office and network.

Better employee reviews

Conducting Better Employee Reviews

3 steps to get the most out of staff reviews

To get the most out of your employee reviews, we have listed crucial steps that need to be taken to ensure an effective employee performance review.

Managing expectations

Managing Expectations

3 principles to help you manage staff expectations

Managers should not underestimate the power of managing expectations. In fact, the reality of managing expectations revolves around three simple principles.

Keep a healthy office

Maintaining A Healthy Workplace

7 tips to keep you feeling healthy at work

Research has proven that the more uncomfortable a worker feels, the less productive he or she is for the company.

community service networking

Community Service

5 tips for networking

Networking through community service is a win-win situation. Your company will benefit from the exposure and you will feel good knowing that you are helping your community.

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Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing accounting methods

Accounting methods for manufacturers expanded

Greater tax-planning flexibility available following federal tax reform

Newly eligible manufacturing businesses should determine whether these would be advantageous and, if so, consider switching methods.

Manufacturing risks

Vulnerabilities beyond IT

Often overlooked risks to your organization

While it is necessary to bolster cyber defenses, manufacturers should not lose sight of other vulnerabilities.

Building manufacturing talent pipeline

Finding Skilled Labor in Manufacturing

Where building a talent pipeline fits into your growth strategy

The need to build a strong talent pipeline grows as manufacturing organizations continue to see a lack of skilled labor to fill jobs in their organizations.

Manufacturing inudstry and TCJA picture

Manufacturing and the TCJA

What you need to know about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Good economic times can be made even better by taking advantage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

HPIP for manufacturers

High Performance Incentive Program

What HPIP means for manufacturers

Kansas manufacturers can earn significant tax breaks through the High Performance Incentive Program.

What is the IC-DISC?

What is the IC-DISC?

The exporter's guide to tax savings

For many companies with export sales, setting up an IC-DISC, or Interest-Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation, can deliver significant tax savings.

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Risk Management & Technology

Risk Management
IT governance

IT governance drives better outcomes

Managing IT risk has never been more important

Today’s reliance on technology introduces risk. Managing that risk requires effectively integrating sound IT practices into an organization’s overall governance framework.

W2 scam protect your employees' information

IRS warns employers of W-2 scams

Special reporting process established due to threat to taxpayers

Identity thieves prey on businesses and organizations of all sizes given the fact that they hold sensitive tax data on their employees

Risk Management
Watch out for tax-related identity scams all year long

Tax-related identity scams

Criminals are constantly unleashing new schemes

The IRS has taken successful steps to reduce tax-related identity theft, but it cautions taxpayers to stay alert for scams year round.

Risk Management
Information security questions for leaders

5 Questions for Leaders

Are you managing your information security risk?

If something as small as a smart phone has the potential to put your entire business in jeopardy, why do business leaders avoid analyzing and managing their information security risks? These questions can get you started.

Phishing liability

ALERT: Phishing Responsibility

Employers could be responsible for damages

An employer could face legal action and be forced to pay financial damages for an employee’s mistake.

Equifax breach

FTC: Consider Freezing Credit

Equifax breach raises major security concerns

Following the Equifax data breach, the Federal Trade Commission recommends consumers consider a freeze with credit reporting agencies.

Risk Management
Cyberattacks lessons

3 Cyber-Attacks to Learn From

What we can learn from past cyber-attacks

Avoid becoming a victim of devastating cyber-attacks by learning from these three incidents.

Risk Management
Workers compensation

What Injuries Aren't Covered?

Workers' compensation doesn't cover all injuries

Workers' comp insurance covers most, but not all, on-the-job injuries. However, it does not cover the following...

Email phishing

How to Prevent Phishing Attacks

Don't let your employees get hooked

Use these tips to help stop phishing emails from harming your organization.

Phishing toolkit

Our Phishing Prevention Toolkit

Useful resources to help your organization

Phishing is a top cybersecurity threat for every organization. It can cause problems ranging from inconvenience to catastrophic interruption.

Risk Management
Prevent payroll fraud

8 Tips to Prevent Payroll Fraud

Small organizations are more likely victims

From fraudulent expense reimbursement claims, to claiming overtime for hours not worked, to adding "ghost employees" to the system, there are myriad ways in which fraud can infiltrate your payroll.

Risk Management
Handcuffed active shooter

Active Shooter in the Workplace

How prepared is your company?

There is no one-size-fits-all plan, but here are three steps you and your staff should take to increase your chance of survival.

Risk Management
Managing fraud checklist

Checklist For Managing Fraud

There are many actions you can take to mitigate fraud

No checklist can protect an organization from the possibility of fraud, but there are many preventive actions that can reduce a potential fraudster’s opportunities to do harm.

Risk Management
Cybersecurity questions

Cybersecurity Questions

Issues executives can't ignore

Leadership – including boards, top-level executives, and others – must be constantly aware of and asking questions about their organization's cybersecurity.

Risk Management
Avoid identity theft

IRS Helps You Avoid Identity Theft

10 things the IRS wants you to know

Criminals have a variety of methods to steal your private data. The IRS wants you to understand how they operate so you can avoid becoming the victim of a scam artist.

Risk Management
Prevent fraud

Preventing Fraud At Your Organization

How you can help mitigate fraud risks

Although small or medium-sized entities likely don’t have the resources for sophisticated fraud-prevention strategies, this eBook outlines ways to mitigate the most important fraud risks.

Risk Management
Prevent payroll fraud

Prevent Payroll Fraud

How to stop fraud and money theft

Payroll and money theft begins with a person(s) giving signs of stealing. There are common signs you should be cognizant of as a business executive.

Risk Management
IT risk

IT Risk: Whose Risk Is It?

Cybersecurity is a board issue

In an era of constant potential cyber-breaches and attacks, who is ultimately responsible for making sure that sensitive information is secure?

Risk Management
Prevent cash fraud

How You Can Prevent Cash Fraud

5 ways you can stop cash fraud at your organization

What steps can you take, if they're not already employed, to protect your org. against cash fraud? For the short answer, look at our brief presentation.

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Charitable guidance given the TCJA

Charitable guidance following federal tax reform

Maximize the tax benefit of charitable donations

New limitations on itemized deductions effective for tax years beginning in 2018 may impact the tax benefit of charitable donations.

Tax amnesty programs

New state tax amnesty programs available

Indiana, New Jersey and New Mexico offering programs

Those with underreported tax liabilities in these three states now have an opportunity to participate in tax amnesty programs.

Cost of living adjustments tax implications

IRS announces 2019 cost-of-living adjustments

What do adjustments to tax items mean for you?

As you implement 2018 year-end tax planning strategies, be sure to take these 2019 adjustments into account in your planning.

Year-end tax planning

Year-end planning opportunities for individuals

Act now to cut your 2018 tax bill

The TCJA created more than 100 new tax provisions — a staggering thought as individuals begin preparing for the next filing season.

Year-end tax strategies

New year-end tax strategies emerge after TCJA

New avenues of savings may require tough decisions

The passage of the TCJA brought changes to the tax landscape. Some tried-and-true strategies have changed and others remain viable.

Opportunity zone incentives

Opportunity Zone tax incentives

IRS proposes regulations following the TCJA

Taxpayers generally may rely on these rules if they apply them in their entirety and in a consistent manner.

Deductions for meals and entertainment update

Business meal expense deduction update

New IRS guidance for popular deduction

IRS issues guidance that confirms the deduction remains allowable and clarifies when businesses can claim it.

Is changing your business structure to a C Corp. the answer?

A closer look at S Corp v. C Corp

What you should consider before switching

After the TCJA, C Corporation income tax rate was reduced dramatically, tempting business owners to change their business structures.

Aggregating business activities for qualified business income deduction

Aggregating business activity for income deduction

New guidance on one of the most valuable tax breaks from the federal reform bill

The aggregation rules can provide a significant benefit to taxpayers with higher taxable income subject to the phase out limitations.

Qualified business income deduction definitions

Definitions for QBI deduction rules

IRS defines terms used to apply the QBI deduction rules

Recently released IRS guidance addresses definitions for what constitutes an eligible business for qualified business income deduction purposes.

Capital gain deferral

Capital gain deferral opportunity

TCJA introduces new federal incentive program

You may be eligible to invest capital gain recognized after 1/1/18 into a Qualified Opportunity Fund to access benefits.

IRS clarifies home equity deduction

Good News for Home Equity Borrowers

The IRS issues clarification on what remains deductible

In an effort to address confusion over certain changes to deductions on home equity loans, the IRS has issued a statement.

Tax reform 2.0

Is more tax reform on the horizon?

House Committee releases broad framework of Tax Reform 2.0.

While many individuals and businesses are still working to fully understand how the provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act affect them, lawmakers are prepping for Tax Reform 2.0.

Online sales tax

Supreme Court opens door to taxation of online sales

New ruling opens door to taxation of remote, online sales

If you are a remote seller, make sales online or make sales into multiple states, you may be impacted by a recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Business interest expense deduction limit

TCJA: New limit on business interest expense deductions

New law could result in a limitation for more business taxpayers

Prior to the TCJA, most taxpayers were unaware of the interest limitation because it only applied to corporations in very limited circumstances.

Not-for-profit taxable income

Taxable Income for

What the IRS considers tax-exempt

How not-for-profits can know when income is subject to tax.

Qualified business income deduction flowchart

QBI Deduction Flowchart

Is your business eligible for the QBI deduction?

The qualified business income deduction is a valuable opportunity for businesses that operate as pass-through entities.

TCJA depreciation and expensing

TCJA: Depreciation and Sec. 179 Expensing

An outline of the changes under the TCJA

Provisions related to depreciation and expensing of fixed assets have been modified under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

TCJA pass-through entities provisions

Pass-through provisions of the TCJA

The devil is in the details.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act contains valuable opportunities for businesses that operate as pass-through entities.

Deductions for meals and entertainment

Tax Changes for Meals and Entertainment

Reduced or eliminated deductions for meals and entertainment

The Tax Cuts and Jobs act has changed the deductibility of business-related meals and entertainment.

Budget agreement brings tax changes

New Federal Budget Agreement

New budget agreement brings additional tax changes

The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 contains tax provisions that could impact what some taxpayers owe for the 2017 tax year.

2018 withholding tables from the IRS

2018 Withholding Tables

The IRS has issued updated withholding tables.

One of the first steps to institute the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the updated withholding tables provide a number of indications that both employers and employees should be aware of.

Proposed Congressional tax reform effect on itemized deductions

Highlights of the New Tax Reform Law

Recap of changes for individuals and businesses

The new tax reform law, commonly called the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” (TCJA), is the biggest federal tax law overhaul in 31 years, and it has both good and bad news for taxpayers.

Conservation easement tax deduction

Land Conservation with Tax Benefits

Conservation easements allow donor use

Property donation to a qualified entity delivers tax deduction while allowing continued use of the land via conservation easement.

Partnership tax risks

IRS increases tax risks to partnerships

Changes to IRS procedures are expected to increase audit rates for partnerships

Action may need to be taken now to amend your partnership agreements to allow for these changes and who makes these decisions.

Kansas tax increases

Kansas Payroll Tax Changes Issued

Employers must update payroll tax rates

Kansas individual income tax rates require employers to change payroll tax rates; employees’ take-home to decrease.

Kansas tax increases

Kansas Legislature passes tax increase

Legislators override Brownback veto of tax bill

Bill repeals state income tax exemption for many businesses, increases individual state income tax rates.

Work opportunity tax credit

How to Apply for WOTC Credits

What you need to know to seek WOTC

Reference for employers seeking Work Opportunity Tax Credit for hiring employees in targeted groups – forms and deadlines

Work opportunity tax credit

Employers: Tax Credits for Hires

Tax credits for hiring those with employment barriers

File for Work Opportunity Tax Credit within 28 days of hiring eligible employees to potentially earn tax credits.

Tax scams

Watch for these new tax scams

Request for personal info, payment? Check into it.

Taxpayers receiving requests for personal info or tax/fee payment should make sure they’re legitimate before responding.

Treating partners as employees

Treating Partners as Employees

The costs outweigh the benefits

A common question among partnerships with service partners is whether those service partners may be treated as employees of the partnership.

Don't treat partners as employees

Don't Treat Partners as Employees

IRS reaffirms partners can't be treated as employees

The IRS issued temporary regulations in May clarifying that partners in a partnership entity cannot be treated as employees of the partnership.

IRS seeing rise in scams

IRS Seeing Rise In Scams

Beware of contact from the "IRS"

We recommend you educate employees on how to help protect the organization and themselves from scams. These 5 simple steps are a good start.

Common IRS questions

Common IRS Questions

Getting filing help from the IRS

The IRS has changed the services they can provide through their toll-free number. They are guiding taxpayers to use the Internet to find the answers to most of their tax inquiries.

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