Organizational development
& family business

Processes and policies are needed for continued success,
especially if adding family to the mix.

Aligning people, processes and potentially family for success

The term "organizational development" may have different meanings to different people. At AGH, our team of organizational development consultants defines it as identifying and implementing the people and process improvement opportunities that will better position an organization for long-term success. They also understand that family businesses bring their own unique circumstances that influence success.

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Our process & people

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How our service can help you

Our consultants complement your expertise with knowledge of best practices and an external, objective view that encourages the right strategic planning, employee development and people practices that will help propel the organization toward its goals. Our team can also help family businesses sort out the personal and family issues that can complicate and distract leadership from making good business decisions – or business pressures that can cause family tensions.

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Broad range of experience

Our team has extensive experience with family-owned, closely held and public companies across many industries, as well as with domestic and international not-for-profit organizations. This wide range of experience allows our consultants to provide best practices and other frameworks that will allow your organization to develop and succeed.

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Specialized expertise

Our team consists of certified specialists in various areas of organizational development and family business. This unique skillset allows our consultants to develop a plan tailored for your organization's specific needs and circumstances.

Services overview

Learn more about our organizational development and family services below:

AGH consultants will meet with leadership to help determine the organization's governance needs, as well as assess the current board structure and function. Once assessed, our consultants can identify needed skillsets or expertise and then locate and screen potential candidates. We can also provide board training seminars/workshops and other assessment services customized to serve shareholders or not-for-profit stakeholders. Learn more about our board assessment, training and development service.
Career planning/pathing is a specialized form of coaching for high-potential employees or current leaders as a way of helping them become more successful in their careers. It may be used in a variety of circumstances, but career planning/pathing is often appropriate when an organization's leadership is evaluating and grooming a next generation of either family or non-family employees to take on additional responsibility. See how our career planning/pathing service can help your organization.
The pace of change is faster than it has ever been before. To remain successful, organizations must keep up with all sorts of changes: technology, market conditions, government regulation, employee needs, customer desires, and many others. Organizations often make the correct strategic decision requiring change but need help implementing the necessary change. Often, the challenges are not due to the “content” of the change; they result from how the change was implemented. See how our change management service can help prepare, implement, and reinforce the change your organization faces.
In conflict management, often the two (or more) parties at odds have become so emotionally invested in their position or belief that they’re unable to view the issues objectively. This conflict can spread to infect an entire department, division or company, derailing productivity and profitability along the way. Conflict management begins with a neutral, objective party simply listening to all points of view, and gathering information about the root of the conflict and how it grew over time. See how our conflict management service can help reduce and manage conflict and improve organizational performance.
Recognizing the powerful mix that family, business and ownership creates, AGH consultants are skilled in addressing the wide range of issues families experience when in business together. AGH family business consultants help the family create alignment regarding their mission, values, legacy and goals to develop a strong family that can help the business thrive. Learn more about our family business consulting service.
AGH’s coaches facilitate coaching meetings tailored to a coaching plan developed by the individual. Complementing organizational needs and objectives, the focus is on developing the individual in key areas that translate into becoming an overall better employee and leader. This approach allows the individual to become better at identifying areas for self-improvement as they arise and developing solutions to the challenges they face. See how our leadership coaching service can help your employees.
Structure follows strategy. Leaders know that they must find ways to translate their organization's long-term strategy into effective organizational structures, processes and policies. AGH's consultants have supported leaders in a wide variety of industries to assess their organizational and cultural strengths and weaknesses, and to help them prepare them for the future. Clarifying organizational relationships and positional roles and responsibilities help drive the performance and accountability required for significant change. Learn more about our organizational assessment and development service.
Through the Professional Development Program, AGH helps organizations intentionally reinvigorate and refocus the great leaders they already have, by providing the feedback and supporting tools that help identify young talent and begin their development. AGH’s one-year Professional Development Program includes 12 monthly sessions with a class up to 10 participants. The program combines education, discussion and assessments that will help participants better understand themselves, how they are viewed by others, and how to better manage themselves and others. See how our professional development service can improve your employees' skills.
At AGH, we specialize in helping organizations create a shared, compelling vision for the future and establishing the strategic goals and key action areas required to successfully execute the strategy. We pride ourselves on offering customized and flexible processes designed to meet each client’s specific and unique needs. Learn more about our strategic plan facilitation processes.

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