Family retreats
& councils

Strengthen and maintain your
family and business legacy.

Few understand how powerful family and business can be.

AGH can help create a forum outside your business to discuss and address the wide range of issues families experience when doing business together. Addressing these issues before they become unsolvable problems will help maintain family and business harmony.

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Family retreats & councils

Consider who benefits

Family-owned businesses seeking to "professionalize" their organizations for growth and continued success

Family businesses anticipating a transition, such as a change in ownership structure or business leadership

Family businesses seeking to learn, evaluate and apply lessons from experiences of other successful family businesses

Family businesses in conflict or seeking to resolve potential areas of conflict

Consider the benefits

Reduces conflict by increasing understanding of how family, business and ownership issues interact

Increases capability of family and business to survive transition of ownership and management

Provides a forum for learning and developing needed skills

Strengthens and maintains family and business legacy and values

Clarifies understanding of the roles and responsibilities of family, business and ownership

Provides skilled facilitation to contribute to productive dialogue

How AGH's family retreats & councils can help your organization

About 90 percent of businesses in the United States are family-owned. Yet despite the numbers, few entrepreneurs understand how powerful the mix of family, business and ownership can be. At AGH, understanding of a family business starts with gathering information through interviews of family members to create a snapshot of the family business.

This information gathering provides the foundation for an initial family meeting facilitated by AGH consultants. During the typically day-long meeting, consultants present information from the interviews, provide education regarding best practices, help the family identify key issues that need addressed and identify next steps, including a plan for regular future family councils.

Each session is customized based on the family business needs identified. AGH consultants provide additional training, workshops or facilitation as required.

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Marjorie Engle

Senior Vice President , Org. Development & Family Business Services

Marjorie Engle guides clients and their companies through executive coaching, transition and succession planning, organizational analysis, conflict management, and corporate strategy development. A specialist in assessing and developing family councils, advisory boards and boards of directors, she has extensive experience with family-owned, closely held, and public companies across many industries, as well as with not-for-profit organizations.

Engle serves as associate director of the Kansas Family Business Forum, hosted by Wichita State University’s Center for Entrepreneurship. She holds a certificate in Family Business Advising with Fellow Status from The Family Firm Institute and is a certified coach with Family Business Partners> She is also a certified Change Leader.