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Staying on top of HR regulations and trends is tough

Once viewed primarily as a compliance necessity, human resource functions now have a key seat at the table. Compliance with DOL, ERISA, and IRS regulations remains critical, but HR encompasses much more — not just a way to help keep organizations out of trouble, but to directly affect profitability through strategies such as employee engagement, employee communication, organizational development, performance management, executive/management coaching and more.

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How we can help you

Even as HR functions broaden their impact, HR staffing and resources remain under pressure. Our consultants can supplement an organization's current staff for major projects; provide specific expertise not available internally; fill in short-term for FMLA, vacationing, terminated or resigned staff; or consult for long-term HR support.

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Broad range of experience

AGH's HR consultants work with a variety of organizations in manufacturing, banking, construction and other industries. This experience can help augment your current in-house staff or provide guidance as you look to build out your internal HR functions.

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Specialized expertise

Our HR-certified consultants also specialize in areas that can directly benefit your organization. Whether it's HR assessments, regulatory compliance, or other expertise not available internally, our consultants can provide real-world knowledge to help your organizaton develop and utilize your employees.

Services overview

Learn more about our HR compliance and consulting services below:

Our Workplace™ is a web-based employee communication platform developed to help organizations provide their employees with a confidential, secure way to report any issues. To deliver Our Workplace™, AGH creates a customized website for each employer where employees can confidentially communicate anything they are not comfortable reporting through conventional channels. Each employee submission is first reviewed by AGH consultants, adding confidence in the process with an objective third party review, prior to timely routing back to the employer. Learn more about Our Workplace™.
AGH advisors are experienced in selecting and conducting assessments ranging from pre-employment cognitive testing and work-style evaluations to those that can assist in team-building or providing feedback to executives or managers. Our advisors work with you to determine what type of information is sought for what purpose, select (and conduct if desired) the assessment and review results. See how our employee assessments service can help your organization.
Streamlining and supporting the human resource function is becoming more important as more employees begin working off-site, regulatory issues become increasingly complex, and benefits packages change. As HR professionals often struggle to balance more responsibility with fewer staff, our outsourcing team can provide a powerful tool that will help simplify and manage your key information. Learn more about our human capital management system.
One way to provide protection for your organization is through an HR audit, in which employee processes and procedures are examined for compliance with employment laws. By focusing on your people practices through an HR audit, you can reduce risks, increase productivity, enhance profits, and become an employer of choice. See how our HR compliance service can help you.
Gain access to skilled HR specialists with a higher level of expertise, ongoing current training, and sophisticated testing and technology resources than you may want to pay to maintain internally. AGH's HR outsourcing team can supplement existing HR capabilities as needed or manage the function entirely. The scope of time is determined by the needs of your organization. See how our HR outsourcing service can help you.

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