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Assurance services can provide the forum for
clients to discover real business opportunities.

Laying the foundation for a better tomorrow

As the name implies, assurance services should provide reassurance about the quality of information being used. While audit services related to historical financial statements are the most common type of assurance service, AGH's assurance department provides assurance or attest services for a broader range of financial and even non-financial data. Often, assurance services are intended to provide a foundation for better access to capital or to promote the financial discipline of an organization.

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Our process & people

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More than numbers

At AGH, an analysis of the numbers is just the beginning. We believe that a financial statement or internal audit should also be a forum to discover and communicate real business opportunities to our clients – delivering peace of mind, profit-improvement ideas, risk management, and, of course, excellent client service.

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Broad range of experience

Each year, AGH conducts financial statement audits, reviews and compilations along with internal audits for organizations throughout the central U.S. AGH is one of the largest providers of assurance services in the region. In turn, our clients benefit from the broad range of businesses and financial environments our assurance professionals have worked in.

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Specialized expertise

AGH enjoys a nationally recognized leadership position in many sectors based on the firm's history, experience and skills. Not only can we bring a veteran team to bear on your assurance work, but our professionals often have significant experience in your particular industry – making the engagement more efficient, effective, and tailored to your business.

Quality assurance

While building a team of innovative professionals, AGH has paid equal attention to technical service that is second to none. To ensure the quality of technical services, all CPA firms providing financial statement audits are required to undergo a "peer review" of their accounting and auditing practice every three years.

AGH’s external peer review is conducted in accordance with the AICPA Standards for Performing and Reporting on Peer Reviews. AGH voluntarily makes all of its peer review reports public by submitting them to the AICPA for publication on its website, and we are proud to share our results. AGH has consistently received the highest rating (now called a “pass”) under the rigorous peer review process throughout the firm’s history.

Services overview

Learn more about our assurance and attest services below:

Our team performs certain agreed-upon procedures designed to meet minimum standards that are required for a director's exam. In most director's exams, the team works with management to design additional procedures or services of value to the bank. See how our directors' examination services can help meet regulatory requirements and reinforce financial accountability and discipline.
For a financial statement audit, an audit team analyzes an organization's financial statements and the underlying data that supports them to ensure that the information is fairly and materially stated and reflects the organization&'s financial status. Learn more about our financial statement audit, review and compilation services.
Fraud examiners are trained to detect the myriad of ways thieves, embezzlers and others can steal an organization's assets and cover their tracks. At the prevention level, a certified fraud examiner can help an organization protect itself from fraud ranging from simple cash register theft to financial statement manipulation at the highest level. Learn more about our fraud prevention and investigation services.
Independent of an organization's top management, an internal audit team performs a risk-based assessment of an organization's reliability and integrity of financial information, security over assets, compliance with laws and contracts, and internal controls. An internal audit team also may review risk related to information technology, fraud, and third-party and vendor transactions or relationships. See how our internal audit outsourcing services can help your organization.
An AGH audit team examines specified areas of a financial institution's operations to determine if it is complying with the regulatory requirements of various laws and agencies, for example, the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Home Mortgage Disclosure (HMDA), TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID), and Vendor Management. Learn more about how we can help your bank with our internal control and compliance audits for the financial services industry.
Based on the case and the type of information sought, a typical litigation support engagement requires a review of related financial and organizational documents, determination and applicability of pertinent regulations and generally accepted accounting practices (GAAP), and a report on the findings. See how our litigation support services can help your case.
An AGH audit team examines the bank's loan portfolio to determine level of risk for loss, overall quality and structure of loan portfolio, consistency, and appropriateness of credit standards and lending practices. See how you could benefit from our loan review services.
AGH understands that the process of auditing an employee benefit plan has many unique aspects that differentiate it from a financial-statement audit – and we have developed and trained a specialized team that focuses on these types of audits. Learn more about why high-quality plan audits are vital based on the DOL's actions, and see how AGH's qualified retirement plan audit stacks up against the DOL criteria.
An AGH team conducts audits of both organization-wide financial statements to determine if they fairly and materially represent the organization's financial position and are in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), along with a compliance audit regarding federal awards, when applicable. Learn more about our single audit act service.

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