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these specialized tax strategies can help.

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Our professionals draw on a wide range of tools to help organizations and individuals across the U.S. minimize their tax liability and improve profitability. We bring together a highly trained tax and engineering team whose members have years of experience delivering strategies for tax savings such as cost segregation studies, tangible asset repair regulations planning, research and development tax credit studies, tax nexus reviews and sales tax reverse reviews.

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Our process & people

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Here for the long term

Our methods have been proven through years of successfully delivering tax benefits to our clients. After the engagement is complete, as with all of our work, we stand behind you to help ensure that the services we offer withstand tax-authority scrutiny.

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Broad range of experience

Our team consists of highly trained tax and engineering team members who have years of experience delivering strategies for tax savings such as cost segregation studies, tangible asset repair regulations planning, research and development tax credit studies, tax nexus reviews and sales tax reverse reviews.

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Specialized expertise

With staff dedicated to Research & Development (R&D) tax credit, cost segregation, fixed asset issues, and state/local/nexus tax services, you can be assured that our staff has the expertise needed to help you navigate these complex tax situations.

Services overview

Learn more about our specialized tax solutions below:

Any individual or company which has acquired, built, or renovated a building within the past 10 years likely has significant opportunity to improve cash flow and lower tax rates through an engineering-based cost segregation study. These studies “carve out” the personal property costs associated with a building project and reclassify them to the appropriate shorter tax life – often 5, 7 or 15 years instead of the 39 years or 27.5 years for nonresidential or residential rental real property, respectively, used to depreciate real property. Learn more about our cost segregation study service.
AGH’s experienced tax team members work with clients whose operations span the globe; our professionals help with issues ranging from optimizing tax liabilities to awareness of boycott country risks to documenting transfer pricing. While AGH’s experience is deep, our team members may also call on additional global knowledge through our association with PrimeGlobal, one of the top five largest associations of independent accounting firms in the world, providing a wide range of tools and resources to help member firms furnish superior accounting, auditing, and management services to clients around the globe. Learn more about our international tax services.
As states' need for revenue increases, their likelihood of aggressively seeking all available taxes increases. That, combined with information-sharing between states through the recent streamlined sales tax initiative, makes it even more important to understand when your organization has established nexus in a state. Even an item as small as a phone directory listing may arouse state interest. AGH's team can recommend corrective action to help avoid penalties, assist the company in registering with the applicable state, and negotiate reduction or elimination of penalties if possible. Learn more about our nexus study planning service.
Most companies engaged in research and development (also called research and experimentation) already claim tax deductions for their costs. For qualifying R&D expenses, however, those same expenses can also generate tax credits as well – a double benefit from the same expenses. If significant tax credits are identified, the organization may choose to file amended tax returns to capture any open years' tax credits. Our tax professionals can also assist with any amended returns required. See how your organization can benefit from our R&D tax credit service.
States looking for additional revenue are stepping up audits and enforcement, even as federal, state, local and sales tax regulations become more complex and harder to understand. Many companies, trying to stay in compliance, unknowingly overpay and increase their tax burden unnecessarily. In a reverse review, AGH's tax professionals review prior returns and supporting documentation, including reviewing related transactions for refund potential. Learn more about our state, local, use and sales tax recovery service.
Final IRS regulations issued September 13, 2013, impact any taxpayer who incurs costs to acquire, maintain or improve tangible property. The regulations are mandatory, not elective. Taxpayers must take action in order to comply and, more importantly, to take advantage of the opportunities provided. Learn more about the benefits our tangible asset and repair study service can provide for your organization.

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Shawn Sullivan tax services

Shawn Sullivan

Executive Vice President
Tax Services

Jerry Capps state and local tax

Gerald Capps, JD

Senior Vice President
State & Local Tax Services

Bruce Stubbs specialized tax solutions

Bruce Stubbs, JD, LLM

Senior Vice President
AGH Specialized Tax Solutions, LLC

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Joyce Moellinger

Vice President
Tax Services