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State, Local, Use & Sales Tax Recovery


  • Reduce state, local and sales/use taxes paid in error
  • Recoup overpayments already made
  • Establish system to avoid future overpayments

Who's most likely to benefit:

  • A wide variety of organizations including manufacturers, utilities, processors, and companies with business units, warehouses or staff in multiple states


States looking for additional revenue are stepping up audits and enforcement, even as federal, state, local and sales tax regulations become more complex and harder to understand. Many companies, trying to stay in compliance, unknowingly overpay and increase their tax burden unnecessarily.

In a reverse review, AGH's tax professionals review prior returns and supporting documentation, including reviewing related transactions for refund potential. If overpayments are located, AGH's team prepares a report outlining the available exemptions and the exceptions that were discovered, provides documentation, helps you apply for refunds and tracks the refund process through completion – including defending a claim if it is rejected.

In addition to seeking applicable refunds, AGH's team also provides education on applicable tax code, and helps establish internal processes and training to track and pay appropriate taxes.