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Nexus Studies & Planning


  • Avoid or decrease penalties and interest in states where you do business but have not registered
  • Understand what constitutes nexus
  • Reduce tax liability through nexus planning

Who's most likely to benefit:

  • Organizations with even a minimal presence in multiple states, including:
    • Sales reps
    • Delivering products
    • Selling products
    • Inventory
    • Performance of warranty service


As states' need for revenue increases, their likelihood of aggressively seeking all available taxes increases. That, combined with information-sharing between states through the recent streamlined sales tax initiative, makes it even more important to understand when your organization has established nexus in a state. Even an item as small as a phone directory listing may arouse state interest.

In each state where you have business activity, your operations are reviewed for tax liability. If liability has been incurred, AGH's team can recommend corrective action to help avoid penalties, assist the company in registering with the applicable state, and negotiate reduction or elimination of penalties if possible.

If nexus is established in multiple states, AGH can review operations to determine if the organization's tax liability can be reduced by transferring certain activities into a state with a lower tax rate.