Fraud prevention
and investigation

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AGH's audit team can help investigate and mitigate fraud within your organization. Our team leverages its vast experience and wide-ranging knowledge of industries and accounting best practices to help investigate and mitigate fraud.

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Fraud prevention & investigation

Consider who benefits

Organizations that suspect fraud, embezzlement or other inappropriate or illegal financial activity

Organizations at high risk for fraud based on some aspect of the organization's operations — for example, businesses that take in a large volume of cash daily, have a history of fraudulent attempts, or have high turnover in positions with asset-management responsibility

Organizations that would be catastrophically injured if fraud occurred due to loss of the organization's credibility

Consider the benefits

Protect assets by reducing an organization's risk of fraud

Provide reassurance to external stakeholders through recommend action of internal controls

Discover or confirm likelihood of presence or absence of fraud and gathers evidence to support bonding claims and/or prosecution, if required

How AGH's fraud prevention & investigation service can help your organization

When fraud may be suspected or even recognized, certified fraud examiners specialize in using document trails, interviews, and other methods of investigation to uncover fraud, if it exists, and build a case for prosecution. Fraud examiners are trained to detect the myriad of ways thieves, embezzlers and others can steal an organization's assets and cover their tracks.

At the prevention level, a certified fraud examiner can help an organization protect itself from fraud ranging from simple cash register theft to financial statement manipulation at the highest level. By examining the organization's risks throughout its operations and recommending internal controls and processes to safeguard assets, a fraud examiner can help reduce the losses a company sustains from fraud, and prevent many opportunities for fraud.

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Sean Weaver

Executive Vice President
Assurance Services

Sean Weaver leads the firm’s assurance department and serves as a senior advisor to the manufacturing and financial services industry teams. Weaver serves clients in the manufacturing, financial services and construction industries, as well as other service-related organizations. A certified public accountant, he is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Kansas Society of Certified Public Accountants and the Institute of Internal Auditors.

He currently holds board or leadership positions with the Kansas Board of Accountancy, Wichita Aero Club, Wichita Manufacturers Association, Wichita Downtown Development Corporation, and Project Wichita. He has also held recent board leadership positions at the Cosmosphere-International SciEd Center and Space Museum (formerly Kansas Cosmosphere) and Prairie Dunes Country Club.