Human Resources (HR) Compliance

Are your Human Resources practices
helping or hurting your organization?

Manage risk for your organization and strengthen employee recruitment and retention.

Each engagement is customized to your needs. We begin with an assessment of your HR function. We review documentation and data, interview key personnel to identify risks and opportunities, and provide actionable recommendations. We can help key stakeholders develop a plan of action and help coach and implement changes as needed by the organization.

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HR compliance

Consider who benefits

Organizational leaders responsible for risk management

Organizations wanting to attract and retain top talent

Organizations that have experienced significant growth

Organizations that have high turnover or turnover in the HR function

Organizations with limited HR resources, less experienced HR staff, or staff managing HR when it is not their primary function/area of expertise

Consider the benefits

Gain access to skilled human resource specialists with a higher level of expertise, training, and sophisticated testing and technology resources than you may maintain internally

Obtain an objective assessment of your organization’s HR function

Obtain understanding of how other organizations manage their HR functions

Use a third-party coach to navigate tough conversations

How our HR compliance service can help your organization

One way to provide protection for your organization is through an HR audit, in which employee processes and procedures are examined for compliance with employment laws. By focusing on your people practices through an HR audit, you can reduce risks, increase productivity, enhance profits, and become an employer of choice.

On a quarterly basis (or more frequently, if preferred), we target one of the following areas for review to ensure the organization is compliant with employment laws, but also to provide suggestions for process efficiencies and creating a best-in-class experience for employees:

If preferred, the audit can be done all at once, rather than tackling a specific functional area on a quarterly basis.

Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages to doing a quarterly audit with a single focus?

A quarterly audit with a single focus allows you to manage your limited resources and make sustained progress toward actions.

Can we just do it internally?

Certainly. We find most organizations may not have the additional time, resources, or expertise to adequately complete their review. Using a third party also provides additional perspectives of practices in other organizations and within your industry.

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Carrie Cox

Vice President
HR & Org. Development Services

Carrie has experience in a variety of human resource functions, including labor laws, compensation structures, employee classification, benefits administration, performance management and human resource best practices. She has served clients in a number of industries, including manufacturing, construction, banking, government, and not-for-profits. Carrie is a member of the national and local chapters of the Society of Human Resource Professionals (SHRM) and serves on the Wichita chapter board of directors.

She is a certified practitioner for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and the Hay Group’s Emotional and Social Competency Inventory. Her additional certifications include Certified Professional Coach from the Academy of Creative Coaching, Professional in Human Resources (PHR) from the Human Resource Certification Institute, and SHRM-CP designated by the SHRM.