What is a balance sheet

Making sense of your balance sheet

Here’s a practical reference tool featuring key terms and performance indicators for your balance sheet.

What's your balance sheet telling you?

Balance sheets provide a brief overview of how much an organization owns and owes. While these financial statements are essential resources for any company, certain terms may be unfamiliar to some business owners. We’ve put together a practical reference tool that defines these terms and outlines some key performance indicators which can be used to assess the financial condition of your organization.

Understanding your balance sheet infographic


For more information on how to interpret your financial statements and use them to make good business decisions, contact Jandrea Blumanhourst using the information below.

Jandrea Blumanhourst

Senior Manager
Outsourcing Services

Jandrea serves as a financial and accounting consultant for AGH's outsourcing services group. She helps clients with a broad range of accounting and consulting services including monthly financial close-out, assistance during peak workloads or special projects, training new accounting personnel, internal control reviews, and assistance with departmentalizing financials and cost allocations.