Accounting and
bookkeeping outsourcing

Free up your accounting staff to
focus on financial strategy and tactics.

By leveraging AGH's experience, your accounting staff can focus on higher-level issues.

AGH's accounting specialists can handle almost any type of financial tracking, reporting, payments, recordkeeping, billing, banking, reconciliation and administration a business or individual may need.

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Accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing service

Consider who benefits

Organizations with insufficient accounting staff time or expertise

Organizations whose volume of accounting needs varies greatly throughout the year

Organizations whose software or financial systems do not support the level of financial information desired or required

Organizations seeking to outsource non-core functions

Consider the benefits

Access to skilled financial and accounting specialists with current training, technological support and a dedication to client service

Reduces the range of staff expertise required for routine financial administrative tasks

One-call access to AGH's consultants and advisors for financial, tax, accounting, audit, employee benefits, corporate finance, organizational development, HR and investment issues beyond the scope of routine accounting maintenance

Reduces space and technology requirements of financial records management and archival

Increases security and confidentiality of financial records

How our accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing service can help your organization

This service can free up internal finance and accounting staff to focus on higher-level financial strategy and tactics, while still covering the day-to-day operations of the business with qualified professionals. This can also help businesses delay or eliminate the recruiting, hiring, training and retaining of additional hard-to-find accounting staff.

Our professionals work with a wide range of types and sizes of organizations, including governmental and not-for-profit entities. We can also administer the financial aspects of family business offices for individuals with more complex personal finances and investments.

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Cindy McSwain

Senior Vice President
Outsourcing Services

Cindy McSwain leads AGH’s outsourcing services group. Her team provides payroll, accounting, funds disbursement, controller, and other financial outsourcing services to numerous clients throughout the U.S. Prior to joining the outsourcing group, Cindy served AGH’s audit clients for 10 years, working with a wide range of middle-market, closely held and family-owned organizations.

Her current clients cross many industry sectors, including manufacturing and distribution, restaurants, retailers, medical and not-for-profit. She has participated in numerous SEC filings and public registrations and has experience in mergers and acquisitions. Cindy is a certified public accountant and a member of both the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Kansas Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Jandrea Blumanhourst

Senior Manager
Outsourcing Services

Jandrea serves as a financial and accounting consultant for AGH's outsourcing services group. She helps clients with a broad range of accounting and consulting services including monthly financial close-out, assistance during peak workloads or special projects, training new accounting personnel, internal control reviews, and assistance with departmentalizing financials and cost allocations.