Timekeeping outsourcing

Is your timekeeping system outdated?
AGH can help you choose the best option.

Reduce your timekeeping costs by updating your timekeeping solution

How much time is spent computing timesheets or time cards at your organization? Reduce or eliminate manual computation, and the mistakes that cost your organization additional dollars with a modern timekeeping system. AGH's professionals can help you select and implement the right solution for your unique needs.

Is it time to update your timekeeping system?
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Timekeeping outsourcing service

Consider who benefits

Any organization with more than 15-20 employees

Organizations with complex timekeeping needs, such as a variety of hourly, salaried, union-restricted, or part-time/flex-time employees

Organizations seeking to reduce administrative overhead

Consider the benefits

Access to an up-to-date and automated timekeeping system that easily integrates with numerous payroll systems and software

Reduce or eliminate manual computation (and the associated errors) of paper time cards or timesheets

Reduce costs caused by employee overpayments, unauthorized overtime and unauthorized absences

Handle complex tracking, reporting and analysis of hours and payroll information

How our timekeeping outsourcing service can help your organization

AGH's payroll specialists can work with employers to identify, evaluate and implement an appropriate timekeeping system. Our consultants can help an employer choose among a variety of options, including web-based, phone, card-swipe and punch-clock methods at single or multiple locations. The data generated from these systems integrates with most payroll systems and can generally be implemented within just a few weeks.

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Cindy McSwain

Senior Vice President
Outsourcing Services

Cindy McSwain leads AGH’s outsourcing services group. Her team provides payroll, accounting, funds disbursement, controller, and other financial outsourcing services to numerous clients throughout the U.S. Prior to joining the outsourcing group, Cindy served AGH’s audit clients for 10 years, working with a wide range of middle-market, closely held and family-owned organizations.

Her current clients cross many industry sectors, including manufacturing and distribution, restaurants, retailers, medical and not-for-profit. She has participated in numerous SEC filings and public registrations and has experience in mergers and acquisitions. Cindy is a certified public accountant and a member of both the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Kansas Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Mike Ludlow

Payroll Operations Manager
Outsourcing Services

Mike oversees the operations of AGH’s payroll service bureau. He and his team handle payroll processing, reporting, and tax filings for multi-state and multi-site companies.

His 15+ years of experience include accounting, finance, and payroll. Most recently, Mike performed similar functions for an outsourced payroll and accounting provider. He previously gained knowledge as a financial analyst for a technology and document solutions company, where he performed accounting duties, managed a database, and managed an operational team.

Mike is a dynamic process improvement specialist with an eye for detail while maintaining a big picture outlook. He has built and managed employee, customer, and vendor relationships throughout his career.