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AGH Construction Insights

Construction Insights

Winter 2016: Year-End Considerations

As the year comes to a close, it’s timely to review some of your key processes and policies. What systems help protect you and your data from IT security risks to your people, data, and facilities? In this issue, AGH also offers an update on OSHA reporting deadlines, and looks at ways your accounting methods can help minimize tax liability.

Construction OSHA updates picture

OSHA Regulations Update

Injury notifications and electronic reporting

OSHA reporting enforcement went into effect December 1, 2016; electronic reporting goes into effect January 1, 2016.

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Construction accounting methods picture

Accounting Methods for Contractors

Is yours offering the most benefit?

What are the optimum accounting methods construction contractors should be using for their construction contracts?

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Construction risk management picture

Risk Management is More Than Safety

What risks is your company missing?

Risk management encompasses identifying and managing or mitigating risks to help keep them from disrupting your business.

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Meet the Team

Our team specializes in helping construction companies with critical issues facing their business. If you would like to contact a specific team member, click on his or her information below.

Eric Thummel
Eric Thummel
Vice President,
Tax Services
Aron Dunn, CCIFP
Aron Dunn, CCIFP
Senior Vice President,
Assurance Services
Jandrea Blumanhourst photo
Jandrea Blumanhourst
Senior Manager,
Controller Services
Brian Johnson Photo
Brian Johnson
Senior Vice President,
Technology Services
Rick Golubski Photo
Rick Golubski
Vice President
Tax Services
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