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  • Complement interviews during hiring to develop a more comprehensive picture of a candidate
  • Provide information for mentoring and professional development of current employees
  • Contribute to determining where an individual’s work style will best fit within an organization
  • Deliver a baseline evaluation of cognitive ability
  • Serve as team-building exercise

Who's most likely to benefit:

  • HR recruiters and managers responsible for hiring and employee development
  • Managers in functional departments reviewing job candidates
  • Employees’ mentors and supervisors
  • Executives seeking high-potential employees
  • Organizations willing to invest in cohesiveness and interdependence of their leadership team


Many commercially developed assessments are available for human resource professionals’ use – the key is to choose the assessment tool that’s appropriate for the purpose intended or the information sought. AGH Employer Solutions advisors are experienced in conducting assessments ranging from pre-employment cognitive testing and work-style evaluations to those which can assist in team-building or providing feedback to executives or managers.

Our advisors work with you to determine what type of information is sought for what purpose, select (and if you desire, conduct) the assessment, and provide a debrief to the HR professional or supervisor/manager, employee or both on the scores and their significance to the organization. These results can then be useful in determining whether an individual is hired, in what area he or she might best fit, what range of potential he or she may have, what types of professional development or mentoring might be required, and even what potential problems or issues could arise.