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Asset Management (Via Affiliate)


  • Helps fulfill plan sponsor fiduciary responsibilities through:
    • Combining asset management with strong employee education component for both launch meetings and periodic scheduled group and/or individual education meetings
    • Very broad range of fund options, not limited to specific fund families as with some asset managers
    • Initial and ongoing rigorous evaluation to monitor fund performance and make adjustments as needed based on investment policies and plan document
    • Thorough understanding of ERISA and DOL regulatory requirements for plan sponsors
    • Transparent, competitive and clearly spelled-out fee structure
  • Flexibility and convenience of standalone asset management combined with your retirement plan recordkeeper, or delivery of both asset management and recordkeeping
  • Convenience of one-call access to more extensive financial-planning expertise for business owners and executives through AGH Employer Solutions' Certified Financial Planners™

Who's most likely to benefit:

  • Organizations seeking closer integration of their retirement plan recordkeeping, education and asset management functions
  • Organizations concerned about helping mitigate the liability associated with the fiduciary responsibility of plan sponsorship
  • Organizations who are unsatisfied with or uncertain of the level of competitiveness of their retirement plan asset management fees
  • Organizations whose participants are not receiving high-quality and regularly scheduled educational sessions to help them make informed investment decisions about their retirement plan funds


AGH Employer Solutions' affiliate AGH Wealth Management is keenly aware of the specific requirements a plan sponsor must follow, as well as the associated fiduciary responsibility. The group's familiarity with retirement plan regulations means consultants are not just "stock pickers", but trusted advisors who can help you and your organization identify and implement the investment mix and educational offerings that meet your needs, your regulatory requirements and your business goals.

AGH Wealth Management's consultants follow a specific process designed to help tailor an asset management strategy for your plan. After an initial consultation and fact-finding to learn about your current plan structure, review your summary plan document and hear your organizational goals, the team develops an asset management recommendation based on all those factors. Assuming AGH Wealth Management is engaged to handle asset management, the team then helps roll out the new investment options to your employees, delivers employee education on a periodic schedule, and at least annually meets with you to review fund performance against market benchmarks and the organization's goals.

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