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Employee Communication Program


  • Retains valuable employees by creating an environment supporting ethical behavior
  • Protects your assets
  • Minimizes liability exposure
  • Objective third-party-facilitation

Who's most likely to benefit:

  • Organizations seeking to minimize risk of employee or workplace actions resulting in asset loss or liability
  • Organizations with high numbers of employees, high vulnerability to theft or fraud, or history of liability problems
  • Organizations seeking to create, maintain, or strengthen a culture of ethical behavior
  • Organizations seeking to promote a culture of open communication


Our Workplace™ is an employee communication program developed to help organizations provide their employees with a confidential, secure way to report any issues they believe deserve broader attention. To deliver Our Workplace™, AGH creates a customized website for each employer where employees can confidentially communicate anything they feel uncomfortable going through conventional channels to discuss. Each employee communication is reviewed by AGH consultants in a timely manner for appropriate routing back to the client organization to respond – yet employees have the security of knowing that their communications are confidential and screened first by an objective third party.

The types of topics typically raised through confidential employee reporting mechanisms include harassment, theft, customer service issues, fraud, conflicts of interest, and failure to comply with laws or regulations. Our Workplace™ is NOT designed for situations requiring emergency responses, but it can deliver timely information to employers to help avert losses, minimize liability and manage risks. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners annual survey of fraud consistently names employee hotlines as one of the top methods to uncover fraud.

The simple existence of confidential employee reporting capability may also help mitigate potential liability as well as reinforce an organizational commitment to ethical behavior. If requested, AGH consultants may provide the organization with counsel and support on appropriate responses to employee communications on a variety of issues, or even instigate fraud investigations.