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Employee Education


  • Helps meet fiduciary responsibility requirements of providing employee education
  • Potentially increase employee contributions to the plan
  • Decreases HR time required to respond to retirement plan questions
  • Potentially reduces costs associated with providing employee retirement plans
  • Potentially reduces the amount of contriubtions refunded to top paid employees due to compliance test failures
  • Potentially increases employee satisfaction with retirement plans through better understanding of how to make investment decisions

Who's most likely to benefit:

  • Any organization offering an employee retirement plan
  • Any organization whose employees are not receiving timely and periodic opportunities to talk about their retirement plan investment options with a retirement plan representative, either face-to-face or in a group setting
  • Organizations who desire to clearly document their provision of quality employee education
  • Organizations with low participation rates and/or low contribution rates from employees


Many, if not most, employees expect a retirement plan as part of a competitive benefits package. Despite that, few employees truly understand how their retirement plan works, how to make decisions about their investments, and why it's in their best interest to contribute to the plan. An employer who provides high-quality, ongoing and employee-focused retirement plan education can significantly decrease confusion about retirement plans and increase employee participation – saving time and money for the employer (plan sponsor).

AGH Employer Solutions' employee education programs are customized for the employer's goals and can be designed around the employer's workforce characteristics, including employer locations, level of retirement plan participation, general workforce level of education, income, and age. Employee education programs are developed to clearly outline the benefits of participation, make it convenient for employees to enroll, and help them understand how to consider their investment options. Employee investment advice is a fiduciary service and is provided by AGH's affiliate, AGH Wealth Management.

For AGH Employer Solutions, employee education for retirement programs isn't just a one-time visit. Our educators schedule periodic on-site visits to meet with employees one-on-one or in group settings, based on employee needs. Educational materials can also be made available through webinars and downloadable information as required to serve a workforce in multiple locations and across 24/7 scheduling.