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HR Work Projects


  • Gain access to skilled human resource specialists with a higher level of expertise, ongoing current training, and sophisticated testing and technology resources than you may want to pay to maintain internally
  • Monitoring of current regulatory requirements to ensure compliance with DOL, OSHA, EEO and other guidelines
  • Broad network of training, recruitment, policy, and employee benefits specialists available with one call, plus access to AGH's consultants and advisors, if needed, for financial, tax, accounting, audit, employee benefits, corporate finance, organizational development, HR and investment issues beyond the scope of human resource issues

Who's most likely to benefit:

  • Organizations with insufficient human resource staff time or expertise
  • Organizations whose volume of human resource requirements varies greatly throughout the year or who have large-scope projects
  • Organizations with complex human resource requirements, such as unions, multiple locations or a history of HR problems
  • Organizations seeking to outsource non-core functions


Each human resource consulting engagement is customized based on the organization's needs, and may range from brief meetings to address a specific topic to an ongoing arrangement completely outsourcing all human resource functions permanently or for a period of time (due to, for example, staff vacations, illness, maternity leave or termination).

Services available include:

  • HR audit: Interviews with management to determine key issues; review of personnel policies, procedures, position descriptions and personnel files; recommendations for changes needed for compliance with regulations as well as support of overall HR function
  • HR development: Based on HR audit, implement recommendations to bring organization's policies, job descriptions, procedures and processes into compliance; develop additional HR training and support for organization as required
  • HR workshops: Provide counsel and training to management and/or employees on a variety of HR issues, including performance review, hiring/firing, avoiding harassment, regulatory compliance, motivation, and shaping behavior
  • HR projects: Supplement existing HR capabilities as needed for projects ranging from job description revisions, policy and procedure review, workshops, or other special requirements that can be fulfilled by an HR professional.
  • HR management: AGH's consultants can supplement existing HR capabilities as needed or manage the function entirely if desired, for limited periods or an ongoing arrangement