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Incentive Plans


  • Helps align employees' behavior with organizational goals
  • Increase motivation without increasing base salary
  • Assists in culture change if desired
  • Rewards employees who are performing at a desired level

Who's most likely to benefit:

  • Any organization desiring to highlight and reinforce specific behaviors key to organizational success
  • Any organization which wants its incentive plans to reflect its strategy
  • Organizations undergoing significant changes in their culture or business model, requiring employee behavior change
  • Sales- or production-driven organizations
  • Organizations which can communicate specific and measurable short-term and long-term goals


Incentive plans, like deferred compensation, must be designed to align with the organization's goals and to create the desired employee behavior that will contribute toward reaching those goals. Examples of incentives include commissions, bonuses, additional vacation or time off, and special benefits such as travel or attending conferences. AGH Employer Solutions can work with you to design, implement and communicate incentive plans based on the desired short-term or long-term outcomes as well as help you avoid common errors such as incentive plans that create undesired behaviors or unclear expectations.