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Peer Reviews for CPA Firms


  • Meet regulatory requirements for firms performing auditing and accounting services
  • Strong peer review results assist in practice development and proposals
  • Provides feedback for internal quality control measures

Who's most likely to benefit:

CPA firms performing auditing and accounting, especially those with practices in the following specialized areas:

  • Agribusiness (biofuels, food processing, feedyard operations)
  • Construction
  • Employee benefit plans
  • Financial services, including FDICIA banks
  • Governmental/not-for-profit
  • Manufacturing
  • Vehicle dealership
  • Wholesale/distribution/retail


AGH's peer review team assigns auditors experienced in the significant practice areas within the client firm. Team members have served clients ranging from large, complex commercial clients and governmental entities to small not-for-profits, with a strong specialization in "middle-market" closely held and family-owned entrepreneurial businesses.

Depending on the size of the client firm, the peer review team spends approximately one week onsite, ending with a management meeting to recap the visit and discuss any issues. The final peer review report and any recommendations generally are issued within 90 days. We will also maintain contact with you throughout the year to keep you updated on the latest issues affecting the peer review process.