Business brokering (M&A) services

When it comes to buying/selling a business
you need an experienced advisor to help.

Having an experienced guide to navigate the transaction is invaluable

Business brokers and merger and acquisition specialists (also called transaction specialists) at AGH serve as a one-stop resource for business owners seeking to buy, sell, merge, divest or transition their business smoothly and professionally, while maximizing its potential value.

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Business brokering / M&A

Consider who benefits

Owners of closely held or family-owned organizations that are:

  • Thinking of selling a business
  • Expanding and acquiring new assets
  • Downsizing, spinning off or liquidating assets
  • Transitioning to a different ownership structure
  • Passing from one generation to another
  • Merging or divesting
  • Being purchased by management
  • Considering a buyout of other owners
  • Evaluating offers from potential buyers
Consider the benefits

Help qualified buyers and sellers through a transition of business ownership.

Manage the transaction from the opening introduction to the final closing.

Maximize benefit to client through negotiation and understanding of tax impact.

Serve as a credible, objective third party with expertise in business valuation, taxes, financing, market conditions, due diligence, ownership transfer and the financial and emotional consequences of business transitions

How AGH's business brokering service can help

Business brokering is a complex process best handled by experienced professionals with access to a range of tax, finance, valuation and other expertise, as well as specialized databases of market data. AGH works to increase value from the transaction and will be involved from beginning to end. Once the agreement is made, a business broker may perform services such as locating financing, coordinating due diligence, setting up the new ownership structure, and helping the new organization establish its financial and operational controls, technological structure and management systems, including review of employment agreements by an HR specialist.

Through each unique transition, AGH works with clients to set transaction goals by researching and analyzing the company’s operating history and financial results. This research is also used to prepare a professional business summary used to market the business. AGH will review data on comparable sales of similar companies to establish a favorable price, search for qualified buyers and help evaluate each offer. We will also negotiate the business transaction agreement to ensure you get the best deal for your business.

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Todd Richardson

Vice President
Corporate Finance Services

Todd Richardson leads AGH’s corporate finance services team where he works with family-owned and closely held entrepreneurial businesses that are developing exit strategies and undergoing ownership transitions. His practice includes advising on ownership transitions, including management-led buy-outs, transfers of ownership to the next family generation, sales of business operations to third parties, sales to employee stock ownership plans, and other exit strategies. In addition, Todd will also provide buy-side advice to those who are actively acquiring businesses or seeking financing for organic growth.

Todd is a certified public accountant with more than 25 years of accounting and finance experience. He worked in the acquisitions group for a company making 20-25 acquisitions a year. His work experience also includes international public accounting and the manufacturing, retail, hospitality and commercial real estate industries. His past and current community involvement includes Junior Achievement, Youth Horizons and Love Wichita, and he was named a Wichita Business Journal CFO Award honoree in 2014. Todd earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Washburn University.