Due diligence review

Have a better idea of what you are buying.
We can help highlight potential issues.

Reduce the chance of surprises after the purchase

Are you considering a merger with or acquisition of another organization? AGH professionals will help ensure you have a clearer picture of the organization after a thorough due diligence review.

We can help you avoid surprises.
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Due diligence review

Consider who benefits

Organizations or individuals considering a merger with or acquisition of another organization.

Consider the benefits

Allows a buyer to make a more informed decision based on the risks, price and potential of the organization under consideration.

Creates a picture of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of an organization from a financial viewpoint.

Provides third-party, objective expertise and information to assess a prospective acquisition's fit with a buyer's goals and organization.

How AGH's due diligence review process works

After letters of intent about the acquisition have been reached, a prospective buyer typically has a limited period of time in which to perform due diligence before closing the transaction. This includes conducting thorough research into the target company's financial and operational results to help establish an appropriate value, increase understanding of the asset to be purchased, and minimize potential risks and post-purchase surprises. Specific areas can be targeted for further in-depth scrutiny by AGH auditors, such as inventory, cash, or accounts payable.

Experienced AGH review team members then delve into those specific aspects of the target company. The due diligence report may be used as a way to further refine price or terms of the purchase, or simply as a decision-making tool for the buyer to utilize during transition of the acquisition's ownership and/or management.

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Todd Richardson

Vice President
Corporate Finance Services

Todd Richardson leads AGH’s corporate finance services team where he works with family-owned and closely held entrepreneurial businesses that are developing exit strategies and undergoing ownership transitions. His practice includes advising on ownership transitions, including management-led buy-outs, transfers of ownership to the next family generation, sales of business operations to third parties, sales to employee stock ownership plans, and other exit strategies. In addition, Todd will also provide buy-side advice to those who are actively acquiring businesses or seeking financing for organic growth.

Todd is a certified public accountant with more than 25 years of accounting and finance experience. He worked in the acquisitions group for a company making 20-25 acquisitions a year. His work experience also includes international public accounting and the manufacturing, retail, hospitality and commercial real estate industries. His past and current community involvement includes Junior Achievement, Youth Horizons and Love Wichita, and he was named a Wichita Business Journal CFO Award honoree in 2014. Todd earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Washburn University.