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Custom Solution Development


  • Tailored to your specific organization's needs and systems
  • Flexibility to upgrade and scale as your needs change and grow
  • Creates a competitive advantage through technological advances

Who's most likely to benefit:

  • Organizations seeking to improve efficiency and productivity through technology
  • Organizations seeking to link existing or new systems or software
  • Organizations whose needs cannot be met with standard software or hardware
  • Organizations undergoing rapid change or growth


When use of technology could be used to solve problems or make improvements to an organization's business processes, but no off-the-shelf system or software delivers the exact results needed, that's where custom solution development comes in. Our technology consultants meet with you to determine what technology resources already exist in hardware, software, and trained staff. Then, based on our extensive programming capabilities and industry and product knowledge, we can create customized solutions to our clients’ problems in a wide range of areas, including:

    • Hardware and software inventory control
    • Legacy systems integration
    • Networking security and management
    • Document management
    • Email
    • Project management
    • Scheduling
    • Online inventory/catalogs
    • Security and firewalls
    • Web design
    • Web server
    • Online inventory/catalogs
    • Security
    • Taking/placing orders online
    • Web design and management

AGH is a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider (MCSP), delivering business solutions built on the Microsoft platform. MCSPs offer customers of all sizes and industries a full range of services such as Internet, intranet and e-commerce solutions, as well as line-of-business applications and client/server implementations.

Through engagement with Microsoft, MCSPs can provide clients with a variety of exclusive resources and early product information. These resources include priority access to a support team of Microsoft certified systems engineers, non-disclosure evaluation of new products and technologies, and planning tools and events to help you keep up to speed with the latest Microsoft product developments and future direction.