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tax preparation

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or errors with our tax professionals.

Efficient tax preparation by knowledgeable professionals

No tax return is the same. Our experienced tax professionals can help you navigate complex tax situations and ensure your filing is complete and accurate, helping you avoid potential fines or penalties.

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Federal & state tax preparation services

Consider who benefits

Organizations or individuals that want to ensure they are taking advantage of any/all tax benefits

Organizations or individuals lacking the time, expertise or inclination to handle the rigorous analysis and deadlines required for tax compliance

Organizations or high-net-worth individuals with more complex tax situations, such as:

  • Owners of flow-through entities or sole proprietorships who may qualify for the new qualified business income deduction
  • Mergers, acquisitions or other business transitions
  • Change in ownership structure of business
  • Significant change in financial situation
  • Businesses with complex organizational structures
  • Disruption such as litigation or divorce
  • Major expansion or downsizing of assets
  • Change in business location(s)
  • Businesses eligible for the foreign income exclusion
  • Businesses with operations in multiple states or countries
Consider the benefits

Efficient, accurate and timely tax preparation and filing by knowledgeable tax professionals

Decreased potential risk of penalties or errors in interpretation of tax laws due to high experience level and current tax code expertise of tax professionals

How AGH's federal & state tax preparation services can help your organization

AGH tax professionals first review prior information and tax filings to gain an understanding of your organization or individual situation. Through the process of preparing the appropriate tax filings, we work to help the organization understand and manage its tax risk.

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Shawn Sullivan

Executive Vice President
Tax Services

Shawn leads the firm’s tax group and serves on AGH’s board of directors. In addition to enhancing business performance to minimize tax consequences, he has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, international tax and business structuring. Shawn has public and private experience in the fields of tax and accounting and works frequently with clients in the manufacturing, automotive, wholesale distribution, real estate development and construction industries.

A certified public accountant, Shawn is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Kansas Society of Certified Public Accountants (KSCPA) and chairs the KSCPA Committee on Taxation.