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State Audit Defense


  • Reduce or eliminate potential for assessments during a state audit
  • Serve as an experienced and knowledgeable representative of an organization during an audit
  • Reduce interruption to and stress on your operations by minimizing internal staff time required to work with audit team
  • Negotiate on your behalf with state audit team

Who's most likely to benefit:

  • Any organization notified that it will be audited or currently undergoing a state Department of Revenue audit for state and sales tax.


As states seek to increase revenues, one of their tools is an emphasis on audits to uncover unpaid tax liabilities. If time permits, an AGH audit team arrives at your facility as soon as you are notified that you'll be audited, in order to review your returns and any pertinent documentation before the state's team arrives as well as develop any recommendations for working with the auditors.

During the audit itself, the AGH team monitors the state audit team's progress, acts as a liaison to your organization, answers technical questions and handles daily contacts, decreasing staff time required. If tax liabilities are discovered or are in question, AGH represents your interests with the state audit team to reduce or eliminate penalties and minimize taxes. In a number of cases, AGH's review and coordination turned what started as an audit defense engagement into additional tax refunds earned by the organization.