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Accounting/Financial & Management Information System Consulting


  • Leverages technology to increase productivity and profitability
  • Protects your organization's mission-critical systems and information
  • Uses industry best practices to upgrade your systems

Who's most likely to benefit:

  • Any organization, large or small, using or considering using accounting/financial information or management information systems technology to deliver information on which to base organizational decisions
  • Any organization which has outgrown its financial or management information system software or seeking a change because the software no longer meets its needs


AGH's technology consultants first meet with a client to understand the organization's current systems, needs and issues with their existing systems and software. During this initial meeting, they look ahead to future needs, expansion, physical location, and additional requirements that may affect technology decisions. Only after gaining a thorough understanding of an organization and its environment does a consultant examine possible hardware and software solutions based on industry standards, experience with other clients and organizations, and the organization's timeline and budget.

Our consultants' assistance doesn't stop with simply making a recommendation. AGH can serve as a guide and facilitator through the entire evaluation, selection, implementation, training and support process – working to make the changeover as seamless and convenient as possible while upgrading the organization's level of financial management and reporting.

AGH's team has a particular strength in the Sage 100 Standard and Sage 100 Advanced ERP accounting systems. We are a Sage 100 Standard/Advanced ERP reseller/partner with many years' experience in providing, installing, training and supporting Sage products.