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Information Technology Security Services


  • Assess, identify and manage business risks related to information technology
  • Helps protect organizational assets and resources
  • Reduces risk of organizational losses associated with business interruption, privacy violation, data breaches and other security issues

Who's most likely to benefit:

  • Any organization using technology, especially for critical business processes or confidential/proprietary data
  • Organizations seeking to manage potential liability or business interruption associated with technology downtime, data breaches and privacy loss
  • Organizations undergoing or which have undergone rapid change or growth


From a manufacturer whose factory runs on an enterprise resource planning system to a physician group whose patient scheduling and billing is handled online, almost every organization relies on technology. Yet, few organizations fully understand the inherent risks technology brings to their operations. AGH's technology services professionals help you effectively assess and identify your information security risks so they can be managed or mitigated. Our team focuses on evaluating people, information, technology, and facilities and how they relate to critical information assets and the business processes and services they support.

The result is an effective, efficient approach to help you address the greatest IT threats to your organization and its "operational resilience" – its ability to adapt to those risks that affect your core business processes.

Our methodology helps evaluate threats based on the unique vulnerabilities and security requirements of your information assets. It will also help you consider events that might be malicious, accidental, or even the result of a natural disaster.

By prioritizing your mitigation plans using a business-driven, risk-based approach, you will be better prepared to protect your information assets. And, more importantly, you will be better positioned to ensure the resiliency of those processes and services that are most critical to fulfilling your business mission.