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Conflict Management


  • Reduces workplace or family stress to help increase productivity and engagement
  • Helps mitigate potential for employee legal actions
  • Helps increase employee morale and reduce turnover potential, refocusing energy toward job responsibilities
  • Teaches employees ways to handle conflict positively
  • Manages health care costs by reducing illness/injury exacerbated by stress

Who's most likely to benefit:

  • Organizations which are experiencing major change, significant conflict between factions of the company, high turnover, or will soon have or recently experienced a volatile transition, or family businesses in which the family members and/or executives have difficulty managing conflict.
  • Any organization whose effectiveness is being reduced by ongoing conflict


In conflict management, often the two (or more) parties at odds have become so emotionally invested in their position or belief that they’re unable to view the issues objectively. This conflict can spread to infect an entire department, division or company, derailing productivity and profitability along the way.

Conflict management begins with a neutral, objective party simply listening to all points of view, and gathering information about the root of the conflict and how it grew over time. Different from mediation, which may be part of a legal process, conflict management focuses on using facilitated discussion, sharing insight derived from communication and evaluation tools, emphasizing development of emotional intelligence, and reaching a solution acceptable to both parties. Additionally, conflict management may help the parties improve and increase their ability to communicate effectively with each other, to help prevent recurrence of the same conflict.

AGH’s professionals, including human resource professionals, organizational development consultants, and professional counselors, are experienced in working within organizations to find ways of reducing and managing conflict to improve organizational performance.