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Family Retreats & Councils


  • Creates a forum outside the business to discuss and address the wide range of issues families experience when in business together.
  • Reduces conflict by increasing understanding of how family, business and ownership issues interact
  • Increases capability of family and business to survive transition of ownership and management
  • Provides a forum for learning and developing needed skills
  • Strengthens and maintains family and business legacy and values
  • Clarifies understanding of the roles and responsibilities of family, business and ownership
  • Provides skilled facilitation to contribute to productive dialogue

Who's most likely to benefit:

  • Family-owned businesses seeking to "professionalize" their organizations for growth and continued success
  • Family businesses anticipating a transition, such as a change in ownership structure or business leadership
  • Family businesses seeking to learn about, evaluate and apply lessons learned from experiences of other successful family businesses
  • Family businesses in conflict or seeking to resolve potential areas of conflict


About 90% of businesses in the United States are family-owned. Yet despite the numbers, few entrepreneurs understand how powerful the mix of family, business, and ownership can be. At AGH, understanding of a family business starts with information-gathering: interviews of family members to create a snapshot of the family business.

This information gathering provides the foundation for an initial family meeting facilitated by AGH consultants. During the typically day-long meeting, consultants outline the meeting structure and guidelines, present information from the information-gathering and interviews conducted earlier, provide education regarding best practices, help the family identify key issues that need to be addressed, and create next steps, including a plan for regular future family councils.

Each session is customized based on the family business needs identified. AGH consultants provide additional training, workshops, or facilitation as required.