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Strategic Plan Facilitation


  • Step back from day-to-day operational concerns to focus on long-term business issues
  • Build clear, shared, perspective on vision, goals and strategies across your organization
  • External facilitation keeps focus on meeting goals and content
  • Sets foundation (filter and a roadmap) for future decision-making, tactical plans and day-to-day activities
  • Renews motivation and energy to work toward long-term objectives
  • Provides a "scorecard"-style action plan and support

Who's most likely to benefit:

  • Any organization seeking a more effective, focused and participative strategic planning process


How do you keep strategic planning pertinent, timely, and actionable? At AGH, our approach integrates employee and key personnel input, a facilitated examination of current vs. desired status, and development of a unique strategy and plan to close the gap.

In a three-phase process, AGH consultants first gather information about the organization and its situation from employee surveys and one-on-one interviews to share with the organization's leadership. Next, a facilitated planning retreat compares current reality to desired outcome, analyzes the gap and environment, and develops strategic plans and action steps to close the gap. In phase three, follow-up meetings tracking the action steps help ensure organizational accountability and follow-through.