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Board Assessment, Training & Development


  • Improves the board's contribution to business effectiveness and success
  • Recruits strategic expertise and knowledge to the board for increased value and effective governance
  • Meets legal and regulatory requirements for representing the interests of all shareholders
  • Clearly defines the board's and board members' roles and responsibilities and organizational expectations

Who's most likely to benefit:

Any organization, for-profit or not-for-profit, that seeks to maximize the effectiveness and contribution of its board to the organization's success


Board development includes multiple areas focused on ensuring that any organization's board is composed of the right people with the right mix of skills for the organization at the right time.

In board development, AGH consultants meet with the organization's leadership to help determine the governance needs of the organization, as well as assess the current board structure and function. As organizations grow and evolve, the nature of their strategic needs from the board may change. As board needs and expectations are identified, our consultants can work with an organization's leadership to identify specific skill sets and expertise needed on a board, locate and screen potential qualified candidates, and recruit them to join the board. It may also include helping define expectations of board members' activities and participation.

AGH consultants can also provide board training, offering seminars or workshops during or in addition to board meetings on topics related to maximizing board members' effectiveness or increasing their understanding of their responsibilities.

AGH's board assessment services offer a variety of tools and approaches for best practice based assessment of the board and the CEO. For not-for-profits or privately-held companies, assessments can be customized to address the needs of shareholders and stakeholders. Areas of assessment might include best practices related to: structure, composition procedures, committees, interaction, and overall effectiveness.