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Professional Development


  • Improve employees’ personal management and leadership skills.
  • Cultivate a greater understanding of personal communication and management styles.
  • Identify and develop high-potential staff within the organization.
  • Create opportunities for team-building.
  • Increase organizational emotional and cultural intelligence.

Who's most likely to benefit:

  • Businesses looking to develop their next generation of managers/leaders
  • Organizations in the midst of succession planning
  • Management teams who want to build their leadership capabilities


Effective leadership is critical to the success of any organization. Great leaders are needed to create strong teams, engage the right employees, and ensure the necessary focus to make the best-laid plans a reality.

But great leaders aren’t just born – they are developed. Through the Professional Development Program, AGH helps organizations intentionally reinvigorate and refocus the great leaders they already have, by providing the feedback and supporting tools that help identify young talent and begin their development.

AGH’s Professional Development Program includes twelve monthly sessions with a class of 3 to 10 participants. The program combines education, discussion and assessments that will help participants better understand themselves, how they are viewed by others and how to better manage themselves and others. As a result, participants can learn the necessary “soft skills” to become the future leaders your organization needs.