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ACA Compliance


  • Avoid penalties for noncompliance with Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements
  • Optimize and reduce time and efforts spent compiling and reporting information
  • Spend less time worrying about ACA compliance and more time taking care of business

Who's most likely to benefit:

  • Organizations who feel they simply don’t have the resources, expertise and/or time to comply with ACA requirements


The sweeping 20,000-page Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act created a compliance and reporting challenge for almost every employer – then later revisions further complicated the picture.

AGH’s human resource and payroll professionals can provide support and assistance in multiple ways, depending on your organization’s needs and internal expertise.

In ACA checkups, our HR professional will walk through an ACA checklist to determine if the ACA’s major requirements have been put in place, and if not, what red flags or issues should be considered or explored to bring the organization into compliance with current and forthcoming regulations. The checklist varies by organization size, but is a quick and efficient way to get a top-line view of whether your organization needs to take some specific actions to meet current regulatory requirements.

In ACA consulting engagements, an HR and/or sometimes a payroll professional works with an organization’s staff to conduct the actions needed to help a company become and remain in compliance with current law as well as manage or mitigate potential penalties for noncompliance.

From helping determine which employees are eligible and what requirements apply to the company to distributing notifications to employees and tracking and reporting employee information, AGH’s professionals can handle the technical details so organizational leaders can stay focused on taking care of business.