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Timekeeping Outsourcing

Outsourcing benefit:

  • Access to an up-to-date and automated timekeeping system that easily integrates with numerous payroll systems and software
  • Reduces or eliminates manual computation (and the associated errors) of paper time cards or timesheets
  • Reduces costs caused by employee overpayments, unauthorized overtime and unauthorized absences
  • Ability to handle complex tracking, reporting and analysis of hours and payroll information

Who's most likely to benefit:

  • Any organization with more than 15-20 employees
  • Organizations with complex timekeeping needs, such as a variety of hourly, salaried, union-restricted, or part-time/flex-time employees
  • Organizations seeking to reduce administrative overhead


AGH's payroll specialists can work with employers to identify, evaluate and implement an appropriate timekeeping system.

Our consultants can help an employer choose among a variety of options, including Web-based, phone, card-swipe and punch-clock methods at single or multiple locations. The data generated from these systems integrates with most payroll systems and can generally be implemented within one to two weeks.