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Controller-by-the-Hour Outsourcing

Outsourcing benefit:

  • Access to high-level financial strategy and expertise with current training, technological support and a dedication to client service
  • Available to back up internal controller/treasurer/CFO staff members during planned or unexpected absence due to vacation, illness, family leave or resignation/firing
  • Reduces the range of staff expertise required for financial management
  • One-call access to AGH's consultants and advisors for financial, tax, accounting, audit, employee benefits, corporate finance, organizational development, HR and investment issues
  • Increases security and confidentiality of financial decision-making
  • Flexibility of controller on-site or housed at AGH, as desired by client

Who's most likely to benefit:

  • Organizations with insufficient accounting staff or expertise
  • Organizations whose software or financial systems do not support the level of financial information and analysis desired or required
  • Organizations whose accounting systems and staff need guidance, training and/or technological assistance to advance to a higher level of value to the organization
  • Organizations seeking to outsource non-core functions


Beyond ongoing accounting needs such as accounts receivable and payable and payroll, organizations requiring a higher level of accounting leadership have access to AGH's professionals through an outsourced CFO or controller arrangement. The AGH professionals available in this capacity are more highly trained, have experience in top financial/accounting positions, and can serve as a trusted advisor in situations requiring additional experience, analysis and leadership. They may advise on business process improvement, supervise monthly and year-end closings or recommend consideration of various tax, financial, or accounting strategies to improve client profitability.

Our professionals work with a wide range of types and sizes of organizations, including governmental and not-for-profit entities.